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3 Ways Samsung Can Help Your Business Succeed in 2017

900x595_1213_v1With only a few weeks left until 2017, businesses everywhere are making their New Year’s resolutions – thinking about how they might ensure growth, and considering ways to maximize efficiency and reduce overheads.

The US Environmental Protection Agency says American companies spend some US$120 billion a year on printing. And although many offices are still trying to go paperless, experts in the healthcare, financial, legal, education, government and hospitality sectors know that printing is still vital to their industries.

That is why for many companies, the solution to reducing printing costs is not just to print less, but actually to print smarter. Fortunately, when it comes to printing smart in 2017, Samsung Printing Solutions has a range of cost-effective solutions designed to help your company cut down on its printing overheads for the year ahead.


Affordable Printing Security


For Small- and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs), mobile and cloud printing provides powerful means of reducing office overheads. Many companies now encourage employees to use mobile devices or impose Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies.

Despite the advantages of using mobiles and BYOD policies, some IT admins are concerned measures like these could increase the risk of a security breach.

Samsung has the answer in the form of Printing Security Core, part of the Business Core 2.0 suite. this security feature creates a virtually unbreakable safety barrier within a user’s printing network environment. Printing Security Core raises the security level for enterprise printing quickly and cost-effectively, eliminating the need to add extra servers. It also allows for advanced user authentication, further reducing printing costs.

With Business Core 2.0, all your print jobs are encrypted and stored securely within your devices. Only when an authorized user provides a valid card authentication will the printer release the document – ensuring your data never falls into the wrong hands.


Cost-effective Cloud Printing


Many are predicting big things for the cloud in the year ahead. Forrester Research claims, “The cloud market will accelerate faster in 2017 as enterprises around the world look to cloud to power their core business systems.”

Cloud printing is a key part of the cloud revolution. The cloud allows for large-scale collaboration, so it is important that your company goes into 2017 equipped with printing solutions that can allow you to make the most of this. Samsung’s MultiXpress series multi-function printers running Cloud Connector Core (also part of the Business Core 2.0 suite) can help you save precious time when managing documents on the cloud.

Instead of manually uploading scans and downloading documents from cloud services, Cloud Connector Core lets you connect directly from your multi-function printer. You can use the MultiXpress’ Smart UX Center tablet-like interface to manage files from your cloud service without the need for additional servers.


Durable, Energy-efficient Hardware


The New Year is often the right time to invest in new hardware. But deciding on which new office printer to buy can be a major decision for any SMB.

Samsung realizes that total cost of ownership (TCO)-related issues are essential to your business, which is why its printers are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Samsung printers have won numerous awards from Buyers Laboratory (BLI) for their energy efficiency. The M2885FW, for example, was praised for consuming 48 percent less energy than competitors’ devices.

Printer durability is also a factor. If you frequently need to call out an engineer to fix your devices, your company ends up losing time and money. This is why endurance is a feature of all Samsung products, such as the MultiXpress MX7 series MFP, recognized by Industry Analysts Inc for passing its 1-million-page reliability test with flying colors.


Right Time for the Right Tools

There are multiple ways Samsung Printing Solutions can help businesses succeed with their goals for 2017. No matter if your company is out to reduce waste, improve performance or promote growth, Samsung’s wide range of printing tools provides plenty of assistance on all fronts.

Samsung offers SMBs secure, energy-efficient, state-of-the-art printers, in addition to powerful cloud and mobile solutions – plenty of reason for New Year cheer.

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