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4 Fast-developing SMB Trends You NEED to Know About

0213_4 Fast-developing SMB Trends You NEED to Know AboutIt is already February, and the year is now in full-swing. Things are moving fast in 2017 – the outlook for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) has already started to change, and it is becoming increasingly hard to keep pace with the speed of development.

In this shifting technological landscape, what trends does your business need to know about? And how can your printing partner help you stay ahead of the chasing pack?


Trend #1: The Move to Mobile Is On

People are increasingly doing their business – and shopping – online. In the United States, last year’s Black Friday mobile revenue increased by a whopping 33 percent on 2015, accounting for US$1.2 billion. That means that if your office’s operations are not predominantly mobile, you are already lagging behind your customers.

0213_4 Fast-developing SMB Trends You NEED to Know About

Your staff members need the ability to print when they are on the go, and get as much out of their mobile devices as your customers do – if not more. Fortunately, Samsung Printing Solutions has a whole range of mobile printing and mobile document management solutions that let your workers stay flexible, and do more with their tablets and phones.

These include PrinterOn’s secure mobile printing software, tiered for companies with different printing needs and user environments. There is also the Mopria MPL-certified Smart Print Service tool, which enables mobile printing for over 500,000,000 Android users. And there is the Smart UX Mobile app, which lets you use your smartphone to add multi-function printer-like functionality to conventional 2- and 4-Line LCD devices.


Trend #2: Customization Is Cool

Preston Pysh of Forbes says that one of the advantages of being an SMB is that “small businesses are local and can customize their services.” Customizing your service is difficult, however, if your office tech is inflexible and does not allow you to add new functionality.

0213_4 Fast-developing SMB Trends You NEED to Know About

That is where Samsung’s Android-powered Smart UX Center comes in. The center is a hub of downloadable apps and widgets – both paid and free – that allow you to change the way your Samsung multi-function printer works. It lets you simplify and speed up processes, and make software upgrades as they become available.

What is more, the afore-mentioned Smart UX Mobile app means you can even add this same level of customization to conventional printers.


Trend #3: Conversations Are Broadening

In today’s world, nobody simply pays for a service and leaves it at that anymore. The internet has enabled speedier and easier communication, with open-ended conversations – and idea-sharing – between businesses, service providers, contractors, freelancers and even customers.

This means cloud mastery is becoming an essential skill for modern business owners. And businesses that let their operations fall behind in the cloud race could end up missing out on conversations that could earn them some serious money.

0213_4 Fast-developing SMB Trends You NEED to Know About

That is why your staff, contractors and clients need easy access to cloud printing solutions. With the Samsung Cloud Print app and PrinterOn’s package of enterprise-ready cloud services, you can converse whenever and wherever you like – and share ideas, blueprints and more with just about anyone.


Trend #4: Controlling Your TCO Is No Longer Optional

Tech spending is one the rise, with experts forecasting that SMBs will be forking out US$668 billion per year on IT three years from now. The important thing for any business owner is to make sure that this money is well-spent. This is where total cost of ownership (TCO) comes into play. After all, there is no point trying to calculate your tech budget if you have not factored in matters like energy consumption, service costs and the like.

Samsung’s MultiXpress 7 (MX7) series of printers is built with durability and high-volume printing in mind, meaning your company spends less on servicing and maintenance – even in the long-run.

And that is not all. The M2885FW, one of Samsung’s devices, uses 48 percent less energy per year than its competitors, and with high toner and replaceables yields, you can rest assured that with Samsung, you will not be breaking the bank on bad printing investments in 2017.

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