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5 Reasons why Samsung Printing Solutions is the Perfect Business Partner

5 Reasons why Samsung Printing Solutions is the Perfect Business Partner_v1Every successful company knows and understands that teamwork is the number one key to success. Teamwork doesn’t just stop at the door with a business’s employees, it extends outward towards partners, and other service providers as well. Strong teamwork is often that missing intangible, holding firms back from joining the upper echelons of the business world.

Samsung Printing is the perfect partner for any business looking to build strong teamwork and take the next step and grow their company, and here are the top 5 reasons why:


1. Server-less Network Solutions

5 Reasons why Samsung Printing Solutions is the Perfect Business Partner_V2

Thanks to Business Core 2.0’s powerful suite of business solutions, running a server-less print network has never been easier for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The 5 innovative modular solutions built into Business Core 2.0 suite – Secure Login Core, Cloud Connector Core, Document Workflow Core, Usage Tracker Core, and Printing Security Core – will up your business output and help efficiently manage your company’s documents. Secure remote access only allows admins access to your company’s printing network via applications available from Samsung’s Printing App Center, which reduces downtime and improves output.


2. Workflow Management

Managing and optimizing your print network’s workflow is key to ensuring greater productivity and lower costs. Smart apps such as Dynamic Workflow and Usage Tracker Core allow companies to integrate multiple apps and functions into a single workflow, and track the efficiency of usage rates from network users. Samsung’s smart apps put companies in greater control over their print networks with a wide-range of customizable tools at their disposal.


3. Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for Office Printers

5 Reasons why Samsung Printing Solutions is the Perfect Business Partner_v3

For SMBs, keeping TCO down is of the utmost importance – a lower TCO frees up additional financial resources for investment in other areas of the business. Samsung Printing’s award winning devices are some of the most eco-friendly in the industry, while at the same time, some of the industry’s most reliable. Samsung leverages efficient toner, economical consumables and replaceable parts, without sacrificing print speed or image quality, to keep TCO as low as possible.


4. Continuous Product Innovation

For Samsung Printing, innovation isn’t a burden, it’s what motivates us each and every day. We listen to our customers and partners feedback carefully and take this to heart. This enables us to come up with industry-altering products and innovation. From the world’s smallest mono laser printer (ML-1610) in 2005 to the industry first MFP that runs on Quad-core CPU processor and an unparalleled Android-powered UI more recently, Samsung Printing refuses to sit back and rest on its laurels. Continuous software, hardware and customer-partner support innovation is what keeps Samsung Printing at the front-lines of industry innovation. Why don’t you join us?


5. Top-rated network and data security

5 Reasons why Samsung Printing Solutions is the Perfect Business Partner_v4

Samsung Printing has the tools your business needs to ensure sensitive data stay safe. It accomplishes this in several layers, beginning with a secure-user system requiring secure log-ins; strong data encryption; robust security framework in line with industry standards (TLS/SSL, SNMPv3, IPSec (IPv4, IPv6), 802.1x, Protocol and Port Management and IP/Mac Filtering.); secure printing through solutions such as ‘pull printing’ and ‘confidential print’, which ensure only the intended recipient receives a given document; and finally, a management system that gives network admins secure access to encrypted network data.


Samsung Printing continuously strives to offer the most innovative, cost-efficient solutions to boost productivity and enhance network and data security. And this is accomplished through Samsung Printing’s user-friendly ecosystem of printing solutions that facilitates teamwork through collaboration between employees, business partners and developers alike.

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