5 Smart Apps That Improve Office Productivity _v1A common adage from the investment world states that ‘past performance is not indicative of future results’ and the same is also true for the business world. All successful businesses understand that there are always ways to enhance efficiency and improve performance.

Samsung’s Smart UX Center provides a number of excellent solutions for any company looking to improve their margins by cutting costs and giving their employees the tools they need to get the job done better.

Check out the Top 5 Smart Apps for business productivity below.


1. Easy Launcher

5 Smart Apps That Improve Office Productivity _v4

Samsung’s intuitive Easy Launcher smart app simplifies the user interface (UI), making tasks easier to complete on your Android-powered touch screens.

To accomplish this streamlined UI, Easy Launcher works in tandem with a number of other solutions, such as the Copy and Scan/Fax widgets, which add efficiency to routine tasks.

The smart app also provides support for Secure Login Manager, which enhances workflow security on your office printer, as well as powerful management and tracking solutions such as PaperCut.


2. Workbook Composer

Workbook Composer is a smart app that allows users to scan and automatically export multiple selected areas of pages, compose documents and save files in easily editable formats through your company’s server, email client of cloud – all from your printer’s touch screen! Simply put, workbook composer allows you to do more in less time.


3. Smart Color Manager

5 Smart Apps That Improve Office Productivity _v2

Smart Color Manager puts users in control of their color settings, allowing users to easily make adjustments and even create a color profile. The app also allows users to quickly fine-tune their color attributes the device prints, calibrate the device colors or duplicate color values from another source, ensuring your team has the tool they need to make quick adjustments on the fly, and customize documents to keep them looking their best.


4. Smart Scan

5 Smart Apps That Improve Office Productivity _v3

Smart Scan empowered Samsung printers take scanning to a whole new level. With Smart Scan, users can quickly make a number of useful edits, inducing automatically cropping scans, reducing file size and increasing readability through unnecessary noise removal and improved contrast and brightness levels. Moreover, this powerful app allows for the saving of scanned images into multiple files based on a predefined set of pages, blank separator, or barcode/QR code designation.


5. Advanced Viewer

The Advanced Viewer smart app provides versatile preview options on your printer’s smart UX screen with support for a number of file types, including PDF, XPS, BMP, JPEG, and others. Simply open a file, check its contents, and then take one of several printing options such as copy, duplex, auto-fit or even select your paper source.