6 Common Office Issues the ProXpress C40 Series Can SolveChoosing the right printer can be daunting. In many cases, business people find themselves asking why their office hardware cannot fulfill their most essential modern requirements. Although for some companies the answer lies with multi-function printers (MFPs), not everyone’s budget can stretch to devices like these.

Other companies, meanwhile, prefer compact A4 laser printers, such as the Samsung ProXpressC4010ND, C4062FX and C4060FX. A4 devices like these often cost less than other, larger models, and take up less space. And there is more good news: the C40 series can help fix some of the most common issues office workers encounter.


Office issue #1: “Why can’t I print using my mobile device?”

A 2016 Syntonic survey found that 87 percent of companies expect employees to use their personal mobile devices for work purposes. Mobility is key for modern businesspeople, who do not want to rush off to a desktop PC every time they need to print something.

6 Common Office Issues the ProXpress C40 Series Can Solve

The C4010ND, the C4062FX and the C4060FXare compatible with common smartphone operating systems (for both Android and iOS devices), as well as a large range of apps, hardware and services. These include Apple AirPrint, Mopria, Google Cloud and Near Field Communication (NFC) mobile printing. Further mobile printing options are available with the apps like Samsung Cloud Print–compatible with C40 series printers.


Office issue #2: “Why won’t my printer let me scan documents?”

Typically, compact devices like the C40 series do not feature scanning hardware. However, as we live in the era of Big Data, where most businesses need to digitize documents, scanning functionality has become increasingly important.

The Smart UX Mobile app provides an answer. The app lets you use your smartphone camera as a scanner, so you can scan or fax wirelessly. You can also scan to cloud service platforms, using Samsung Cloud Print. Smart UX Mobile lets you access scan and fax widgets – for more scanning and digitization options.


Office issue #3: “Why are my prints so low in quality?”

Some people assume that all compact, cost-effective printers produce prints that are low in quality. However, the C40 series is actually capable of producing high-quality text and images.

6 Common Office Issues the ProXpress C40 Series Can Solve

The C4010ND, C4062FX and C4060FX all feature Rendering Engine for Clean Pages (ReCP) technology, which enhances print resolution by automatically analyzing patterns in images and graphics. It also improves the text quality on your documents, without compromising image quality.

With enhanced resolution of up to 9,600 x 600 dpi, prints feature sharper text and line quality, in addition to well-rendered color images.


Office issue#4: “Why does my printer use so much electricity?”

Devices that use a lot of power can cost your company a lot of money in the long-term. So it makes sense to choose devices that allow you to reduce your electricity bills.

The C4010ND, for instance, can change mode quickly, without consuming excessive amounts of electricity. When it is in Sleep mode, the device consumes just 0.8W. The device also takes a mere six seconds to warm up from the moment you turn the power on. Effective machination allows for conservative energy consumption – and faster printing.


Office issue#5: “Why can’t I print on different kinds of paper?”

It can be frustrating if your office hardware only lets you print on standard A4 paper. Nowadays, businesses need to print on all sorts of materials. Fortunately, the C40 series supports various types of paper, including sheets that weigh up to 220g/m2 (such as matt-coated art paper). You can print on other paper sizes besides A4, including A5, A6, B5 (JIS and ISQ formats) and custom-sized paper types. Envelope and postcard printing is also possible.


Office issue#6: “Why is my printer so slow?”

6 Common Office Issues the ProXpress C40 Series Can Solve

Some printers take a long time to process and print documents – which can be a pain if you are in a hurry. The C4010ND is fitted with a Dual 800 MHz processer, allowing it to print at high speeds. You can use it to print up to 40 pages per minute (ppm) for color and mono A4 prints, and 42 ppm for letter-format pages. The C4060FX and C4062FX devices, meanwhile, have 1.5GHz quad-core processors. All in all, C40 series printers are great at processing large quantities of business documents fast!


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