900x595_These-7-Smart-Apps-Could-Change-the-Way-You-Company-Prints-Part-1_v1What if you could add new levels of functionality to your office devices and diversify the way you use them? What if software (rather than expensive hardware upgrades) could help you boost productivity and efficiency – and let you expand your business scope? And could a selection of apps and widgets save you time and money?

Users of Samsung’s Smart UX Center-enabled multi-function printers (MFPs) have discovered that there are straightforward answers to all these questions and then some.

The recent launch of the Printing App Center 2.0 means that Smart UX users now have even greater choice when it comes to customizing their devices with free and paid software. And with the Smart UX Mobile app, many conventional device users can also add multi-layered usability to their conventional 2- or 4-line printers.

So there has never been a better time than right now to dive into the world of printing apps! That is why we have drawn up a list of seven Samsung-recommended apps that will help streamline and improve your company’s operations.



1. RemoteCall

Does an engineer have to visit your printer every time you encounter an error you do not know how to fix? With RemoteCall, the answer is a resounding “no.” The app assigns an appropriate engineer (if and when needed) who can check the device status remotely and provide you with helpful troubleshooting resources. And with the all-new RemoteView app, compatible with all web-based platforms (including mobile devices) your service engineer can keep an eye on your printers remotely by functionalities like live-view of multiple devices.


2. Send Anywhere for Printer


This P2P file-sharing tool lets you securely send files in real-time through either a Wi-Fi connection or cellular network, without the need for a cloud server, logins or even registration. Instead, each time you share files, the app generates a six-digit code, which automatically expires after 10 minutes. You can use it to securely send multiple files (and file types) to Android, iOS, Mac and PC platforms. Send Anywhere for Printer is a paid app, but you can give it a spin with a free trial.


3. Hancom Office 2014


Going back and forth between your PC and printer to fix minor issues with documents is a pain – and reprinting copies because of a couple of typos costs your company time and money. Office workers have long wished for a way to view and edit their documents at the printer before they hit the print button. And with the free Hancom Office 2014 app, they get all that and more. Find and replace typos, add hyperlinks, save files and insert tables, right from your touchscreen interface. What is more, the app is not only compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, but also lets you create PDFs right from your printer screen.


4. Dynamic Workflow


Are your employees spending far too much of their days shuttling back and forth between their workstations and the printer? How much of the workday is lost to laborious, mind-numbing and repetitive tasks that you just wish you could automate? Luckily, help is at hand with Dynamic Workflow: The app lets you customize and create workflows, and incorporate additional functionality from other apps. That means you can integrate several tasks into one customized workflow. Add scanning, optical character recognition (OCR) and document distribution steps to a workflow – and start saving your business time and money.


5. Copy Builder

When you are in a rush to switch copy size, nothing is more infuriating than having to fiddle about with paper trays, printer settings or look about for answers in printer manuals. Copy Builder makes the whole process intuitive and easy, letting you quickly and easily change the copy size on your documents. Change paper source, toggle duplex scanning and do even more. You can even use it to insert blank sheets without scanning. And the best part? Copy Builder is free to download – so if you are a Smart UX user, you can start using it right away!


6.Copy Customizer


Do you sometimes find yourself wishing you could get faster access to the copy functions you use the most? For those tired of trawling through copy menus to find what they are after, this free, handy widget is just the ticket. With a simple UI, you can launch color mode, print in duplex, switch paper source and add a watermark, with no more than a single touch of your Smart UX interface. Every user gets their own customized shortcut setup – the widget saves all copy settings as default for each user. And with its sister widget, the Scan Customizer, you can also save your scan settings. The Scan Customizer provides support for multiple destinations, such as Box, USB, email, Fax and more – so you can step up your scanning game and save plenty of time while you are at it.


7.Workbook Composer

Yet another handy free app: This one lets you make last-minute adjustments to your prints or create new files when you are pressed for time. You can, for instance, crop images or change text formatting using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Scan and automatically export multiple selected areas of a document’s pages, compose a new document and even save files in a range of editable formats – before sharing your work through a server, email or cloud apps. The app can even detect hand-drawn checkbox marks (as long as you use a red pen)!