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Why Having an Android-Powered Printer Is Important for Your Business

Google’s Android mobile operating system has long been considered the most leading-edge and widely used OS in the mobile device arena. Currently, there are over 1.4 billion active Android users worldwide and that number is growing. With that many Android-powered devices in use, the need for expanding performance capabilities even further is driving 41% of […]

Samsung Electronics Launches Smart MultiXpress M5360RX, an A4 Monochrome MFP Designed for Business Users

Samsung Electronics has launched the new Smart MultiXpress M5360RX, an A4 monochrome multi-function printer designed to meet the needs of small- and medium-sized businesses and enterprises. The newly launched multi-function printer’s features include full customizability, professional-quality prints and high cost-efficiency. It is intended to be of benefit to a range of offices, including public organizations […]

How Copying Has Evolved from the Quill to the MFP

At its core, copying means taking an article or piece of work that already exists and duplicating it. Although seemingly simple, this notion has helped shape the modern office. Copying is quite different from printing. The printing press may well have been one of the most important inventions in human history (as previously explored in […]

eXtensible Open Architecture (XOA) – a Change-enabling Java or Web Based Platform

In the world of modern printing, technology plays a crucial role. And while in the past, that meant hardware developments that led to improved print performance, Samsung Printing Solutions has already begun changing the game. As part of an open, software-driven approach to improving the print industry, the company in 2011 unveiled the powerful and […]

Samsung Expands Mobile Printing Capabilities for Galaxy Users

Samsung Electronics America, Inc., the global leader in mobile phone shipments1 and founding member of the Mopria Alliance, today announced the Samsung Print Service has been updated to include the Mopria Print Library. This will provide Samsung Galaxy mobile phone and tablet users the ability to easily and intuitively print documents from their mobile devices […]

Why Do We Print?

Have you ever stopped for a moment in the office to ask yourself, “Why do I still need to print?” There are actually three core reasons for using printers at work. Namely: we print to edit, to read and to share. Although on the face of it these seem like relatively straightforward reasons, they are […]

A3 or A4? How to Make the Right Choice for Your Office

Businesses spend US$110 billion every year on printers for homes and offices. Even though A4 printers tend to be cheaper than A3 models, the amount of money spent annually on each type is actually equal. But what are the key differences between those printer types? What do those difference mean for your office? And which […]

Why there Is Still No Clear Winner in the Great Paper vs Digital Debate

How far has your company come with the digitization process? In modern times, enterprise owners have had to become increasingly tech-savvy in order to keep up, and enterprises are increasingly feeling the urge to take their paper operations digital. Almost everything – from company reports to financial records – can now be created and stored […]

Providing Your Business’s Frontline with the Best Tools Available

If a business organization is to operate smoothly it requires a special task force that provides a link between its various departments, ensuring effective daily communication and information distribution. Considered to be at the forefront of any organization, an office’s administration department hold the keys to workplace productivity and efficiency. Without effective administration, most organizations […]

Why Print Auditing Matters for the Way Your Company Does Business

Costs can chip away at the profitability of any business. A major overhead that many office managers would like more control over is printing. However, every industry faces a unique set of challenges when it comes to how to control the accumulation of printing-related costs.Is your print fleet being made available to too many users? […]

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