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Exploring the Samsung’s Printing App Center’s Wide Range of Software Downloads

Although it was only launched a couple of years ago, Samsung’s Printing App Center is beginning to look a lot like the Google Play Store – a busy online mobile app outlet. Many of Samsung Printing Solutions’ multi-function printers (MFPs) feature the Smart UX Center, an android-based touchscreen interface customizable with downloadable apps and widgets. […]

How Your Business Can Deal with the “Inevitable” Forces of Future Change

What will the world be like in the year 2050? While for most people, this question is the preserve of science fiction writers and filmmakers, for technology specialists it is a very practical concern. Enterprises that aim to continue to grow in the years to come know that peeking into the future is of invaluable […]

Blaze-ravaged MultiXpress 4 Device Returns to Full Working Order

Office Equipment users all know the importance of keeping electrical devices well away from extreme heat and water. But what happens when a brand-new multi-function printer gets caught in an office fire, then gets covered in firefighting powder and soaked in sprinkler water? Surely an ordeal like this would be too much for most printers […]

Built for High Volume Printing – Professionals Recommend the MultiXpress 7

Summers in the Korean city of Chinju, in South Gyeongsang Province, can be insufferably hot. With average July-August highs of 31°C and humidity levels of 82 percent, office workers can often get very hot under the collar in the June-August period. But for organizations like Chinju National University of Education (CNUE)’s Copy Center, the heat […]

Samsung Printing Solutions Unveils Guide to Developing and Launching Apps for the Smart UX Center

Samsung Printing Solutions today launched “A Guide to Developing and Launching Apps for Samsung’s Smart UX Center”, a step-by-step walkthrough for companies and developers with an interest in creating applications for the Android-based Smart UX Center to enhance their smart and mobile business experience. The guide has been distributed to Samsung’s international software vendors (ISVs) […]

The History of Printing Innovation at Samsung

  Since the 1980s, the printing industry has been through many dramatic changes, and Samsung Printing Solutions has evolved dramatically, too. Faster printing, more eco-friendly devices, NFC-enabled devices and more – over the years, Samsung has consistently led the way when it comes to developing innovative solutions. This infographic illustrates that exciting history, showing just […]

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