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Blaze-ravaged MultiXpress 4 Device Returns to Full Working Order

160916_blog_Blaze-ravaged MultiXpress 4 Device Returns to Full Working OrderOffice Equipment users all know the importance of keeping electrical devices well away from extreme heat and water. But what happens when a brand-new multi-function printer gets caught in an office fire, then gets covered in firefighting powder and soaked in sprinkler water? Surely an ordeal like this would be too much for most printers to withstand, no matter how sturdy they appear to be.

It turns out that when it comes to durability, however, the Samsung MultiXpress 4 series multi-function printer is in a league of its own.


Devastating Fire

When staff members at Las Vegas-based office suppliers and Samsung Authorized Dealer, Élan Office Systems observed the state of the printer upon entering the fire damaged facility, their hopes for the device could not have been high.

160916_blog_Blaze-ravaged MultiXpress 4 Device Returns to Full Working Order

The blaze broke out on a Friday evening in April this year, and it took firefighting crews over an hour and a half to extinguish.

Although the client was relieved that nobody was harmed in the incident, as the building was empty at the time, staff members were particularly dismayed by the damage caused to the MultiXpress 4. The printer was almost brand new, and had been used to produce less than 20 copies before the Élan staff decided to bring the MultiXpress 4 back to their office, assuming that the machine was almost certainly beyond repair. Firefighters at the site of the blaze had doused the building with water to extinguish the blaze, and the machine was full of water and debris.

Its front was charred badly by the heat of the fire, while its trays were full of water and a slushy mud-like substance that was presumably a mixture of damaged building materials and water firefighters used to extinguish the blaze. The situation seemed hopeless.


Bouncing Back

Still unsure as to what they should do with the machine, the Elan team decided to leave the MultiXpress 4 in the company’s warehouse for a while and let it dry off. It seemed like a long shot, but they wondered if they were to leave it to dry out completely for a while, they might perhaps get it to boot up.

160916_blog_Blaze-ravaged MultiXpress 4 Device Returns to Full Working Order

Then, to Élan’s surprise, the MultiXpress 4 did more than what they expected by powering on and booting up. It succeeded in not only coming back online but, it also made color copies, as well as other operations like Print and Scan.

Restoring a machine that had only a few months ago been in a burning building, then drenched in water and sludge, was literally one for the books, especially as – other than letting the machine dry out – the Élan team had taken no further action to repair the device. Nobody was expecting to witness such a display of durability and resilience.


Durability Approved

In recent related news, another member of the MultiXpress family, the MX7 has recently received accolades from Industry Analysts Inc. after producing over a million copies and a million scans in a three month period.

However, the more recent MultiXpress 4 episode has provided Élan and its customers – as well as all of Samsung’s many print partners and customers – yet more proof of just how durable Samsung Printing Solutions’ range of multi-function printers can be, even in the harshest of environments.

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