Boosting Productivity in an Age of Rising Wage BillsAre your wage bills rising? With SMB salaries increasing by almost 3 percent last year, per Paychex’s IHS Markit Small Business Employment Watch report, chances are you have never been paying your staff so much. But if your workforce is now your biggest expense, should it not also be your biggest asset?

Indeed, in times of rising overheads, one of the best ways to manage your expenses is to improve your overall productivity with high-tech tools. Sadly, sometimes ineffective office IT solutions cause bottlenecks, slowing your staff down, occupying them with menial, time-consuming tasks that are well below their pay grades.

But if you are smart with your office IT choices, you can boost overall efficiency and ensure maximum workplace productivity.


Effective Auditing

If your wage bill is rising, it is essential that you maintain efficient auditing systems in all aspects of your business operations. This is where Samsung Printing’s Usage Tracker Core, part of the Business Core suite of SMB-friendly solutions, can be of assistance.

Boosting Productivity in an Age of Rising Wage Bills

The core provides administrators with proactive monitoring tools. You can use it to track print, scan, copy and faxing jobs on up to 12 devices. And with easy-to-decipher PDF-format weekly or monthly reports delivered directly to your email address, you can check out usage stats for individual users, devices or even groups – so you can even keep tabs on entire departments.

Reports can also be categorized by count, cost or date. Usage Tracker Core even lets your IT admins access real-time counts of devices’ print, copy, scan and fax tasks by printer or user, and instantaneously check on costs.


Time-saving Workflows

Some IT solutions can help your staff cut corners – reducing the amount of time they spend on labor-intensive workflows. After all, the less time your employees spend scanning, copying and faxing, the more hours they can put into creating new business opportunities and following up leads.

Boosting Productivity in an Age of Rising Wage Bills

The Dynamic Workflow app for the Smart UX Center helps your employees do precisely that, automating and integrate tasks like scanning, text editing, optical character recognition and document distribution into single workflows, helping save your employees’ precious time. Indeed, the staff at American drywall contractor Amestoy Dri-Wall used the Dynamic Workflow app to speed up their weekly proposal-making process, turning what was once a laborious, five-hour slog into a simple 60-minute job.

You can even create workflows on mobiles and tablets thanks to the Smart UX Mobile app. The app, which also enables multi-function printer (MFP) functionality on certain 2 or 4-line printers via smartphone graphic UIs, comes bundled with a mobile version of the Dynamic Workflow app. That means your employees do not have to be using a Smart UX Center-equipped MFP or be stationed at their desktops to create efficiency-boosting workflows.


Right Tools for the Job

If you want your staff to truly provide value for money, it is essential that you do not hamper their efforts with inadequate, outdated office tech solutions.

Boosting Productivity in an Age of Rising Wage Bills

High-performance devices are a must in the modern office. Samsung’s MultiXpress 7 MFP series, for example, is fitted with 1.5GHz quad core CPU and groundbreaking Image Pipeline technology. These innovations help staff print faster, even for high res tasks. And with Dual Image pipelines, MX7 device scan on both sides of sheets of paper at the same time, scanning at speeds of up to 240 sheets per minute.

Samsung devices are also fitted with numerous technological innovations that let your staff avoid paper jams, or fix potential issues in an instant. These include the Auto Paper Jam Recovery function, a feature of many Samsung Mono Laser printers. This function lets you simply open and shut your device’s top cover, remove problematic sheets of paper and get back to printing – starting up from where you left off.


Better Business Assets

Rising wage bills are an inevitable fact of life for most SMBs. But with powerful auditing tools, fast, efficient and customizable IT platforms, you can make up for this by boosting overall productivity rates.

With the right IT solutions, you can eliminate tech bottlenecks, speed up menial, labor-intensive tasks and maximize office productivity – turning increasingly expensive workers into increasingly important business assets.