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Built for High Volume Printing – Professionals Recommend the MultiXpress 7

160907_blog_Built for High Volume Printing – Professionals Recommend the MultiXpress 7 Summers in the Korean city of Chinju, in South Gyeongsang Province, can be insufferably hot. With average July-August highs of 31°C and humidity levels of 82 percent, office workers can often get very hot under the collar in the June-August period.

But for organizations like Chinju National University of Education (CNUE)’s Copy Center, the heat and humidity has the potential to play havoc not only with members of staff, but also on its print jobs – the center’s raison d’être.


Hot and Bothered

Kyungsoon Jung, president of the CNUE Copy Center, explains, “In the past, we often experienced paper jams because of the summer weather. Paper tends to gets damp because of the humidity.”

Indeed, damp paper can cause all sorts of issues for printers. If pages in a paper tray stick together, they can end up getting loaded in two or three at a time. This can easily cause jams that have to be resolved manually, wasting employees’ time and even sometimes delaying print deadlines – bad for business to say the least.

Summer heat can also cause major issues for components and the inner workings of a printer. When outdoor temperatures soar, traditional printer components can often overheat much faster, causing yet more delays – and sometimes even requiring staff to call in an engineer for help.


Volume Issues

It is not just hot summers that pose problems for traditional printer users, however. Jonghyuk Bae is the president of Woo Jung Copy Center, based in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province. Bae explains, “Our company tends to print in high volumes, which has in the past led to frequent malfunctions.”

Printer manufacturers often suggest users stick to a maximum recommended amount of print jobs per day. However, the reality for most small- and medium-sized business owners is that it is hard to turn down work – meaning that some days may require print centers to exceed maximum recommended amounts.

In such cases, durability can be a key factor. Being able exceeding maximum requirements every now and then is an exceptionally helpful property for any printer to have. To be able to outperform regularly can quickly make a device indispensable.

160907_blog_Built for High Volume Printing – Professionals Recommend the MultiXpress 7_v2

And this is where Samsung’s MultiXpress 7 multi-function printer, also known as the MX7, comes in. Independent testers at Industry Analysts successfully printed 1 million copies on the device in a period of three consecutive months, a feat that has seen Samsung win industry-wide recognition for the MX7’s reliability.

However, it is not just testers who have experienced the MX7’s remarkable durability. Both the Woo Jung Copy Center and the CNUE Copy Center have recently replaced models in their existing fleets with MX7 printers and say that the difference has been noticeable.


No to Sticking Pages

For CNUE’s Jung, humidity problems evaporated fast with the MX7. She explains, “Printers from other brands would jam very frequently, but the MX7 lets us print on damp paper without experiencing jams.”

160907_blog_Built for High Volume Printing – Professionals Recommend the MultiXpress 7_v3

In fact, few printers are built to deal with heat and humidity quite like the MX7. Samsung’s moisture extracting technology includes fans on the printer’s columns that dry paper out before feeding into the machine, preventing pages from sticking together.

The MX7 also features the Airflow System, which prevents heat from rising to dangerously high levels inside its high-speed 60ppm engine, maintaining an optimized operational temperature when it is hot outside. With a picture development system component that does not rise any higher than 45°C, the MX7 delivers reliability, even in extreme weather conditions.


Kick Out the Jams

Bae notes, “We are currently using other printers in addition to our Samsung MX7. The latter experiences fewer jams than our other devices. As it does not malfunction, we are able to predict its working process times more accurately and use it to better meet our customers’ deadlines.”

The MX7’s Pre-Regi and Pre-Feed Control functions are powerful tools in the fight against paper jams. As well as providing further protection for the printer against adverse paper conditions, they also ensure proper paper feeding, while the Easy Jam Control feature allows for easy paper removal in the unlikely event of an issue occurring.


Economically Sound

Both Bae and Jung agree that the MX7’s durability extends beyond the machinery itself. Bae explains, “The MX7’s total cost of ownership (TCO) and its set price, as well as its toner, consumables and replaceable parts are all much more economical than those of rival companies. But despite this cost-efficient package, Samsung doesn’t compromise on resolution quality or scanning speed.”

Software is also helpful in this regard. The MX7’s Copy Builder app lets you insert section divider papers directly, using the device’s designated input trays, a boost for TCO competitiveness and general convenience.

160907_blog_Built for High Volume Printing – Professionals Recommend the MultiXpress 7_4

With its vast armory of high-tech wizardry and handy features, the MX7 is built to last – and perform. Jung explains that although the CNUE’s MX7 has already printed 1.5 million copies, quality has not suffered in the slightest.

She notes, “The resolution quality of our printed materials is no different than when we first had the printer installed. We have two other high-speed printers from other brands, but many students ask us to do their print jobs using the MX7, especially when printing documents with pictures. Students know more about these things than I do!”


A Printer to Depend On

In terms of all-round performance, copy center owners and managers agree that durability is an outstanding property for any printer to possess, but especially in the case of printers that are regularly required to perform high-volume tasks.

With reliability, sturdiness and competitive TCO on offer, it is little wonder that copy center managers like Bae and Jung continue to put their trust in the MX7.

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