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Exploring Imaging Software on the Ever-growing Printing App Center

170106_blog_exploring-imaging-software-on-the-ever-growing-printing-app-center_v1If you want to see the latest developments in printing, one of the best places to head is Samsung’s Printing App Center. The center is replete with a range of apps and widgets that let you customize your Smart UX-enabled multi-function printer (MFP), allowing you to customize the way you work. What is more – like many smartphones – the Smart UX platform is Android-powered.

Samsung has its own team of developers and researchers, many of whom have considerable software expertise. But the company has also opened the door for Android developers everywhere with the Smart UX and the Printing App Center, encouraging developers all over the world to get involved and create their own apps.

The Printing App Center, launched in 2014, is not just about developing a range of printing, scanning and faxing options – it creates innovative ways to actively improve your work environment. And some of the center’s apps allow users advanced customization options for what was once an overlooked side of printing: image management.


Images Matter


Why is image management important? Firstly, the color of printed materials can differ from what appears on your monitor due to the different technology that computers and printers use. This can cause big problems if you work in an industry where the color of your prints is important.

Secondly, Keeping track of documents you have scanned is often difficult – and if you do create digital copies of your scans, keeping these in order can be a major headache. Again, image management options can be of help, allowing you to get more out of your device’s scanning functions. Instead of simply allowing you to create scans and send faxes, some apps can even allow you to create searchable, customizable databases for your files.

Two handy Smart UX apps allow users to edit, preview and manage images, solving the issues outline above. And, reflecting the diverse nature of the Printing Apps Center, one of them, Advanced Viewer, is developed by Samsung. The other, ImageDirector Connect, is created by a third-party developer, American document management company Milner Technologies.


Powerful Previews


Advanced Viewer gives users handy viewing preview options for a range of image and other file types. It is especially useful when you need to view image files from your printer’s display – providing on-screen previews for common image file types, such as BMP, TIFF, PNG and JPEG. It also allows you to look at PDF files.

Additionally, it is compatible with a range of MFP printing features, including duplex, paper source and auto fit.


Creating Scan Databases and Expanding Options


ImageDirector Connect, meanwhile, allows MFP users to scan documents and save images of those documents directly to a content database. It allows you to search and arrange your digital materials, automatically adding and classifying your scanned files in the database. It also lets you add additional information about them to information fields.

The Smart UX version of the app is the sister app of a mobile version of ImageDirector Connect. The mobile app lets users take pictures of documents using their smartphone camera and save images to their content databases.

A third image management app developed by Samsung that can be of use in this regard is Smart Color Manager.


This app lets users adjust color settings and duplicate color values from other devices, import or export color preferences and optimize device’s color settings. Its easy-to-use interface allows users to scroll through a list of customizable and default color profile settings – again, handy when you need to get the colors on your printed copies just right.


Smarter Selections

Advanced Viewer and ImageDirector Connect – as well as Smart Color Manager – all provide users a whole range of image management options.

The Printing App Center is expanding all the time. And this growth allows Android developers everywhere the opportunity to keep broadening the range of software options available for printer users.

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