0928_Yes-You-Scan!-Check-out-a-Myriad-of-Samsung-Printing-Scanning-ToolsIn the modern office, few devices are as practical as scanners. Used properly, scanning-enabled office hardware can clear entire rooms full of archived documentation in a few days, allowing you to store huge amounts of data digitally – for clutter-free workspaces.

Fortunately, Samsung Printing offers a plethora of scanning solutions, ranging from high-performing hardware to smartphone software, downloadable printer apps and cloud-enabled solutions.

Below are a few solutions that let business users improve their scanning operations with Samsung – and enter a whole new world of enterprise efficiency.


Handy Hardware

Many of Samsung’s wide range of multi-function printers (MFPs) come equipped with scanning functions designed to help enterprises digitize their documentation faster and more effectively.

High-performance machines include the MultiXpress 4 series, which comes with Dual-Scan ADF technology. This allows for a rate of 120 double-sided images per minute (ipm) for mono scans –for faster scanning on cost-effective hardware.


Many of Samsung’s other MFPs feature the Dual Scan Document Feeder (DSDF), which lets you scan both sides of a document at high speeds –truly stepping up the scanning game. Models boasting the DSDF include the X7600 MFP and other MultiXpress 7 devices. Indeed, the X7600 can dual-scan at 240ipm. With the ability to scan four pages per second, your office is bound to benefit from an all-round boost to productivity.

In fact, thanks to the MultiXpress 7’s powerful quad-core 1.5 GHZ CPUs with System-on-Chip (SoC) technology, the device can reach high, productivity-boosting scanning speeds.

170614_Blog_Tech Guru_Kim Seokho_v3

Kim Seokho, Head of Samsung’s Scan Part in the Motion Lab, recently explained, “We wouldn’t be able to attain such a fast scanning speeds without SoC technology. The MultiXpress 7’s quad-core CPU lets us use a dual image pipeline that processes images as fast as they are taken in by our scanners.”

A number of Samsung printers also come equipped with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, which allows you to digitize multi-page printouts into editable digital files (in formats such as MS Word) in mere minutes.


Expandable Environments

High-performing MFPs only represent one part of Samsung’s many scanning offerings. Thanks to the Smart UX Center, the Android-powered touchscreen interface that comes with a range of Samsung’s MFPs, you can download numerous free and paid apps and widgets –to customize and fine-tune your company’s printing and scanning experience.


Apps include the likes of Send Anywhere, which allows you to send documents to mobile device, desktop PCs and even other printers. With Send Anywhere, all it takes is two simple steps to scan and send, or receive and print documents directly from your MFP.

The Scan Customizer is another scanning boon. It is a widget that lets office workers streamline their scanning operations. You can use it to save scanned files as searchable PDFs, digitizing a whole range of documents with a few simple touches, creating preset shortcuts and saving all scan settings for individual users. These same users can then access their favored default settings every time they access the printer.


Multifarious Mobile Solutions

The Smart UX Mobile app, unveiled earlier this year,has helped break down the dichotomy between hardware and software – particularly in the field of scanning. In fact, the app lets you add scan functionality to conventional devices that are not even fitted with scanning hardware. By simply using your smartphone’s cameras, you can scan documents and print them even on 2- or 4-line LCD devices.


With the versatile Samsung Cloud Print app, meanwhile, you can view and download a whole range of documents on mobile devices. The app lets you scan to and print from any of your devices, as well as register to print using just a simple phone number-authenticated verification code.


Scan-do Attitude

Modern office workers require more than a simple scanner – their busy, mobile working lifestyles mean they need to access a range of scanning tools on multiple platforms, with customizable options that let them work with greater efficiency and productivity.

And by exploring Samsung’s diverse and flexible offerings, companies are bound to discover scanning options that comfortably meet– and exceed – a whole range of business expectations.