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Exploring the Samsung’s Printing App Center’s Wide Range of Software Downloads

160928_Exploring the Samsung’s Printing App Center’s Wide Range of Software DownloadsAlthough it was only launched a couple of years ago, Samsung’s Printing App Center is beginning to look a lot like the Google Play Store – a busy online mobile app outlet. Many of Samsung Printing Solutions’ multi-function printers (MFPs) feature the Smart UX Center, an android-based touchscreen interface customizable with downloadable apps and widgets. And the Printing App Center is the place where users can head to download this exciting software.Whereas at first many of the apps available on the Printing App Center were developed internally by Samsung, a range of third-party companies and software experts are starting to release their own Smart UX Center apps. This is leading to what some are calling a printing software “revolution,” one that puts “developers at the forefront.” 

Exciting Opportunity

Indeed, Samsung engineers themselves have called for third-party software experts to throw their hats into the ring – and get developing. Hyoeun Kim, Senior Engineer at Samsung Printing Solutions, recently expounded on the virtues of the Smart UX Center from a software professional’s perspective, saying, “Businesses with MFPs will be needing a lot of apps in the very near future – presenting a great chance for developers.”

And with a range of paid and free third-party apps already available at the center, Samsung officials say they are expecting plenty more to debut on the Printing App Center soon.


First Steps

160928_Exploring the Samsung’s Printing App Center’s Wide Range of Software Downloads

Developed by ESTcom, the Send Anywhere P2P file-sharing app (both free and paid versions of which are still available) was a landmark app as the first Smart UX Center download created using the Printing App Software Development Kit (SDK).

The SDK is the primary building tool for all Smart UX Center apps. And for software developers the good news is that it is both highly intuitive and Android-based. These factors make it even easier for developers unused to creating printer software to enter the printing app paradigm – either developing brand new software, or adapting existing PC and printer software for Smart UX Center compatibility.


File Editing Options

Current third-party apps offer a range of useful services and functions designed to increase enterprise productivity – and boost your business versatility.

For example, Hancom, creator of the Hancom office suite, has a range of handy apps available for download, allowing users to edit documents directly on the Smart UX Center screen with intuitive commands.

160928_Exploring the Samsung’s Printing App Center’s Wide Range of Software Downloads

These include the Hancom Office 2014 app, which you can use to view and even edit Microsoft Office documents (including Word, Excel and PowerPoint files) directly on the Smart UX Center. Another Hancom app, Hancom Office Hwp, allows you to make edits to files in .hwp format. Meanwhile, the Hancom Office Shared app lets you access a range of fonts, templates, dictionary data and clipart data.


File Management Tools

Another example of a powerful third-party app comes in the form of ALZip, developed by ESTsoft and part of ALTools’ software lineup.

160928_Exploring the Samsung’s Printing App Center’s Wide Range of Software Downloads

This file manager app lets you compress and extract documents to and from .zip folders. It also enables file opening, copying, movement, deletion and renaming. As well as .zip archives, the app lets you manage .egg, .rar, .7z and other archive-type files formats.

Its File Explorer function allows you to find local files, while you can also drag and drop files to a range of folders. The app also lets you attach archives to folders as email attachments or upload to the cloud, all from your printer’s UX.


Broad Selection

The selection of third-party apps available on the Samsung Printing App Center is wide, and incorporates a range of diverse functions.

Other notable examples include REAKOSYS’ Easy Launcher, a simple, easy-to-use UX that provides yet more accessibility options. This app provides support for the Copy and Scan/Fax widgets for the Easy Launcher.

160928_Exploring the Samsung’s Printing App Center’s Wide Range of Software Downloads

Troubleshooting your network and devices is easier than ever with Samsung’s RemoteCall service. With American company Rsupport’s MFP-compatible app for the Smart UX Center, Samsung support staff can – at your request – remotely access your devices in real-time to identify and resolve your print issues.


Expanding Horizons

As the Smart UX Center is still relatively new on the printing scene, it is safe to say we are still in the early stages of the printing software “revolution” that developers are getting so excited about.

However, it is clear that app developers all over the world are now starting to get involved in this rapidly growing sector. And as developers and software providers everywhere – the likes of ALTools, Hancom, Rsupport and more – begin to throw get involved, expect the range of choice at the Printing App Center to just keep on growing.

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