FACT OR FICTION : Are RemoteCall and RemoteView Apps Really That Different? Yes and No_v1Samsung first changed the game in printer fleet service and maintenance with its RemoteCall app, available on the Printing App Center, which allows users to remotely contact service engineers who can identify and even fix MFP problems online. Then, last month, Samsung additionally introduced a new app, RemoteView, which allows the viewing and management of all pre-registered devices in the printer network remotely.

If you’re wondering how to keep track of the differences between the two apps, this edition of FACT or FICTION might be of help. Here are five statements about RemoteCall and RemoteView – can you guess which are fact and which are fiction?


1. Both RemoteView and RemoteCall only work on mobile devices.

FACT OR FICTION : Are RemoteCall and RemoteView Apps Really That Different? Yes and No_v2


While it is true that RemoteCall exclusively works through a mobile device, RemoteView can be accessed from any web-based platform, either on mobile or remote PC.

RemoteView allows service engineers to provide real-time control and support to MFPs, remotely from PCs or mobile devices by simply installing a software agent. Like RemoteCall, RemoteView features screen mirroring. This allows tech support full access from their web browser, either on PC or on mobile.


2. RemoteView and RemoteCall share common features for convenient off-site support.

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Both apps are indeed built for off-site support, and both allow remote troubleshooting.

RemoteView does have some additional features, however, including live-view functionality of multiple devices and group configuration, options that make fleet management easier for customer service providers.  RemoteView also allows screen capture and recording of live-view, enabling customer service providers to better manage the quality of maintenance service they provide. Transfer of files to the MFPs is also possible on RemoteView, a function that service engineers can utilize to update the MFPs with the latest softwares.


3. RemoteView is working only when support is requested


Unlike RemoteCall that requires users to provide service engineers with OTP every time the engineer needs to access the MFP, RemoteView takes an always-on approach to service. Once the software agents are installed on MFPs, service engineers can sign in remotely with ID and password, keeping an eye on your fleet at any time, simply through a single agreement upon initial registration.

FACT OR FICTION : Are RemoteCall and RemoteView Apps Really That Different? Yes and No_v4

With RemoteView, service engineers can access your entire fleet of MFPs day or night, handling not just urgent issues but also enacting preventive maintenance and monitoring without having to request an OTP every time.


4. RemoteView is safe and secure for even the most sensitive business documents.


RemoteView provides access schedule restrictions and IP/MAC access restrictions for all MFPs as additional security features. Features like these allow IT admins and customer service providers to limit the access authority to MFPs, making device management more secure.

Going beyond RemoteView, complementary apps like Smart Security Manager App mean that knowing the security status of your MFP is just a glance away. Network, data and management security updates are all contained in one screen – making it quick and easy to check up on status.


5. RemoteView and RemoteCall were both created without a specific business user in mind.


While both RemoteCall and RemoteView can be used to service printer users in all sectors–education, healthcare, finance, legal, you name it, they were specifically geared toward printer customer service providers. Partners that provide managed print services or IT managers looking for solutions to best address printer troubles will most benefit from the two apps.

With the ability to access MFPs, accurately diagnose malfunctions and troubleshoot in real-time, total resolution times are shortened. This means less frustration on both the customer and support sides, and an increase in uptime, output and productivity.

Finally, as RemoteView allows all users to reduce in-person visits and check device status remotely from their desk, technicians are able to provide more support to more users.


Increased Efficiency Is Fact, not Fiction

With a full range of remote, real-time, and resolution features, both RemoteCall and RemoteView mean you do not need to worry about what happens the next time there’s a problem. Whichever you choose – or even both – you can rest assured that Samsung’s multi-function printer support apps will keep your fleet running smoothly and efficiently.