Four Reasons to Choose Genuine Toner CartridgesCounterfeits seem to be everywhere in every industry, promising the same product for less. Yet those who have purchased counterfeit items often find that the joy of securing a bargain quickly turns into disillusionment. Devised to look superficially like the genuine article – often through patent-infringing designs – counterfeit products may ultimately disappoint and offer less to the consumer in the long run.

This is no less true for the toner used in your laser printer. Considering the impacts of using counterfeit toner, genuine toner cartridges are the smart choice for a number of compelling reasons.


1. Quality Assured

One of the first indicators of counterfeit toner cartridges is the performance of the product. Frequently corners are cut during manufacturing, leading to nasty surprises such as smudges and paper folds when the toner is used to print.

Four Reasons to Choose Genuine Toner Cartridges

The hallmark of Samsung printer cartridges is the performance-enhancing polymerized toner technology. With a higher wax content and more uniform size of toner particles, this toner has been specially designed to minimize imperfections in your print. By reducing smudges and folds and increasing the glossiness and durability of the final document, Samsung’s polymerized toner creates sleeker, more professional documents.


2. Real Value

If the price of counterfeit and non-genuine toner cartridges seems too good to be true, that’s likely because it is. Those in favor of counterfeit toner cartridges often argue that using them will save you money due to lower costs at point of purchase. However, these short-term gains might cause long term pains for your MFP: reducing the overall reliability, efficiency and longevity.

Four Reasons to Choose Genuine Toner Cartridges

According to research, non-certified toner has a 47 percent failure rate. Problems can include memory chip failures, image-quality defects, toner flaking and excessive printer noise which all may incur costly service fees. Indeed, factoring in the negative effects of fake toner on the efficiency and page yield of the device, as well as the potential need for reprints and the possibility of high repair costs, the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your MFP can increase substantially when using non-genuine toner cartridges.


3. Reduced Environmental Impact

Since the likelihood of reprints is higher and the overall page yield is lower when using counterfeit toner, it follows that the environmental impacts are greater. Not to mention the fact that the failures which affect TCO above may reduce the overall durability of the device, leading to preventable e-waste.

What’s more, the polymerized toner in Samsung-certified cartridges is greener than conventional toner. Producing less carbon dioxide than regular printer toner, printers using polymerized toner use 35% less electricity.


4. Delivered To Your Doorstep

With the announcement that Amazon Dash Replenishment is enabled on a range of Samsung printers in both the US and the UK, it’s now easier than ever to order your toner. When toner is running low, Amazon Dash-enabled printers send a message via Samsung Cloud to Amazon and replacements are reordered automatically. Customers can easily sign-up to the service using the Samsung Mobile app or Samsung Easy Printer Manager (EPM).

Four Reasons to Choose Genuine Toner Cartridges

Moreover, by purchasing through Amazon Dash, you can be sure that you are securing genuine toner every time you place an order. It helps you save you both time and energy, and companies can avoid the need to store surfeit orders.

Genuine cartridges are the real deal, and offer significant advantages over counterfeit toner products. With Samsung toner cartridges, you can achieve printing results with higher quality and lower TCO than with non-genuine alternatives. Genuine Samsung Toner also allow consumers to relax in the knowledge that their printer’s toner has greener credentials and that they’ll never run out of it.