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Here Is How Your Company Can Start Reducing E-Waste Now

0515_Here is How Your Company Can Start Reducing E-Waste Now_v1Is your company doing its bit for the environment? Eco-friendly business practices not only help the planet, but also allow you to make significant cuts to your spending. So if you are recycling trash and using energy-efficient lightbulbs in the office, you are already on the right track.But what about e-waste? Campaigners are calling electronic waste – disused or broken electronic devices – the “fastest-growing form of garbage.” They say that people are now generating about 40 million tons of e-waste a year.E-waste can actually cost you money in more ways than one. Governments are clamping down on companies that fail to control their e-waste, with fines and even stricter measures coming into force.

So how can offices reduce e-waste, and how can your company ensure it does not become an e-waste offender?


Tough Cookies

Larger office devices like printers can create a lot of e-waste. That is why it is important to make smart choices when it comes to printer networks. Devices that are durable and stand up to the test of time – and the elements – will not only allow you to reduce e-waste, but also cut down your long-term IT budget.

Samsung printers are nothing if not durable. Indeed, the MultiXpress series of printers has been crafted with a view to allowing customers to use their devices for longer – even in the case of businesses with high-volume printing needs.

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The MultiXpress 4, for example, last year proved its durability in the most extreme of conditions, with a model withstanding a blazing inferno before returning to full working order.

Meanwhile, the MultiXpress 7 Series has been recognized for its durability by the independent experts at Industry Analysts, producing 1 million copies and 1 million scans in the space of just three months.


Software Innovation

There is more to reducing e-waste than simply equipping your office with long-lasting hardware. Even the sturdiest of machines can become obsolete if it falls behind in the tech stakes. That is why it is important to invest in future-proof technology. Or failing that, find software solutions that help older devices find new uses.

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Samsung’s Smart UX environment has helped business users add functionality to their devices – without requiring them to fork out on new hardware. Many of Samsung’s multi-function printers (MFPs) come with the Smart UX Center. The center is an Android-powered touchscreen interface that allows users to download a range of apps and widgets, effectively customizing their devices.

That means that for Samsung users, when new printing software becomes available, you can simply download it to your machine. Steps like these allow you to use your devices for longer, and can dramatically reduce your e-waste.

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And what of older devices, such as conventional 2- or 4-Line printers that are not equipped with the Smart UX Center? Well, thanks to the powerful Smart UX Mobile app, you can now manage basic copy, scan and fax functions, as well as check on their toner levels – all from your smartphone’s graphic UI.

The app even lets you scan on printers that do not feature scanning functionality, using smartphone cameras instead of scanning hardware. Innovations like these mean that you do not have to get rid of your older devices, and can instead find new, up-to-date uses for them.


Enabling Eco-friendly Business

If you are serious about cutting costs, reducing waste and lessening your business’ carbon footprint, reducing e-waste should be at the top of your company’s agenda.

Fortunately, partnering with a company that gives you the freedom to cut down on printing-related e-waste is easier than you think. With durability and extensibility at your fingertips, Samsung gives your company the boost it needs to ensure a more profitable – and much greener – future.

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