How-Connected-Devices-Enhance-the-Classroom-Experience_v1Digital learning initiatives that utilize consumer technology such as smartphones, e-boards and Samsung’s cloud printing solutions shift the emphasis away from rote textbook- and lecture-style instruction to engaging experiences centered around collaboration, individualized content and hands-on curriculum. Previously exploratory, connected classrooms powered by digital technology are now being fully executed in learning facilities around the world, providing limitless benefits for students and educators alike.


A Growing Trend in the Classroom


Step foot into any modern classroom and it’s unlikely that you’ll see organized rows of desks all pointing toward the teacher. Knowing that the classroom should mimic the workforce, the educators of today instead design interactive, collaborative-friendly spaces to enable student learning. Twenty-first century classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards instead of chalkboards and clusters of smart desks rather than individual seating.

Take Geeter Middle School in Memphis, USA. Implementing the Samsung Smart School Solution package, which consisted of tablets, a 65-inch interactive whiteboard and a wireless printer, teachers were equipped with the tools they needed to easily deliver content to students, share their own or a student’s screen and monitor student progress in real time.


When asking a student to solve a problem, for example, the teacher was able to transfer control to the student so his work could be seen on the e-board, thus facilitating classroom discussions. Or, when a paper copy was needed, the students were able to print wirelessly from their tablets using the Samsung Mobile Print app, without having to waste time or energy trying to get connected.

Geeter reports illustrate that students became excited about going to school and no longer hesitated to ask questions in class, creating a more energized and interactive learning environment. In these ways, students were able to improve their self-confidence and develop communication and collaboration abilities – essential skills for today’s workplace.


Empowering Educators with Samsung Printing Solutions

But connected devices and solutions aren’t just enhancing the learning experience for students, they’re also helping to make the lives of teachers and administrators easier.


For instance, with Samsung Cloud Print, teachers and students using mobile devices like tablets or laptops can print to Samsung Multifunction Printers (MFPs) from anywhere in the classroom – and even from outside the classroom. Teachers can print coursework from home, while students can print homework directly to the teacher’s desk.

In addition, with pull printing, Samsung’s printers ensure that only those authorized to do so can receive printouts or files. Therefore, teachers can print exam papers or reports without running the risk of accidentally allowing students to see these documents before they are supposed to.

Furthermore, Samsung’s MFPs are easy to register, and because they’re connected to the web, drivers and firmware can stay up to date without demanding extra attention. With the ability to spend less time on administrative and clerical tasks, teachers have more time to focus on students’ learning needs.

While conventional educational approaches fall short in their ability to motivate students, make classroom tasks efficient and apply learning to real-life scenarios, the connected classroom and all its associated digital learning tools such as cloud printing solutions are certain to help equip today’s students with the tools and knowledge they will need tomorrow.