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How Printers Prepare Business Travelers for Take-off

0313_How Printers Prepare Business Travelers for Take-offIf you are one of the estimated 8 million travelers who are flying today, you will almost certainly be using a printer to help get you to your destination.In fact, airports, airlines, tour agencies and independent travelers have relied on printers to get people where they need to go for decades now. And thanks to innovations in the printing industry, it is looking as though printers will continue playing a major role in the travel – and business travel – industry for many years to come.


Key Role

It is true that in today’s increasingly digitized world, smart devices reduce the need for air passengers to carry printed itineraries, and in a few instances even boarding passes. However, this has not made the printer any less indispensable for travelers.

Imagine, for example, trying to head abroad without your passport. Or think about what airlines would do without their printed luggage tag systems. Pilots and flight attendants, meanwhile, will attest that printed passenger lists are still an absolute must.

No matter if you are a member of ground staff, a baggage handler, flight crew or a business traveler working in a flight lounge, chances are you will need to use a printer at some point in your day.


New Age of Travel

In the days before digital data and the smartphone, everything from a business traveler’s flight itinerary, hotel and rental car reservations to city maps all needed to be printed.

Although in 2017 not every document needs to be printed out, travelers can now use printers to improve their experiences, and increase their enterprise efficiency.

0313_How Printers Prepare Business Travelers for Take-off

Samsung’s line of connected printers, for example, offers users a wide range of tools that help take the stress out of travel. With a range of services from Samsung affiliate PrinterOn, users can easily send trip details, reservations and other important information to their destinations at any point prior to – or even during – their journeys.

0313_How Printers Prepare Business Travelers for Take-off

Realizing that you have forgotten key documents at the office while you are on route to the airport was once a cause for panic. However, with powerful software solutions like the Send Anywhere app, available on the Smart UX Center, you can share files in real-time via Wi-Fi or cellular data, without the need to use a cloud service. The app lets you send .PDF, .JPEG and .JPG files across a whole range of platforms, directly from your phone and printers.

The beauty of this app is that you do not need to go through a registration process in order to get started. Once the app is installed on your phones and printers, your documents can be shared safely, and are protected by a 6-digit access code.

If you need to share and print a wider variety of files, you can also use the Samsung Mobile Print app. This equips your smart devices with printing, scanning, faxing and monitoring capabilities, allowing you to utilize a whole range of handy functions while on the go.


Optimized Business Travel

Business travel is on the rise – some 75 percent of American travel managers say that more business trips will take place in 2017 than last year, with European business travel also set to rise.

Samsung recognizes that modern workforces are always on the move, and that is why its devices, like the MultiXpress range of multi-function printers (MFPs), have been designed with the business traveler in mind. After all, modern business takes place everywhere: the office, the airport or even on a plane’s Wi-Fi network.

0313_How Printers Prepare Business Travelers for Take-off

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, combined with multi-level security, make it easy for business travelers to print even the most confidential of documents while they are mobile. All they need to do is tap their phone or tablet against a NFC-enabled Samsung printer to retrieve the documents they need, no matter where they are.

Many leading airports boast Samsung Lounges, with Samsung printers for professionals – helping make even short transfers as productive as a day at the office. And with cloud offerings available via PrinterOn’s mobile solutions for airport lounges, you and your staff can continue doing office tasks seamlessly, even between flights.


Planning Your Next Trip

The travel industry is changing fast, and the needs of business travelers is diversifying.

Fortunately, Samsung’s line of home and office printers, its powerful range of software and its cloud solutions all mean you can enjoy efficient and productive travel – no matter what the purpose of your journey may be.

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