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How Samsung Color Printers Help Improve Learning

0120_Color Printers for Children's EducationThe human mind has been drawn to color since the dawn of time. Different colors relay messages to our brains, warning us of danger or helping us relax. It comes no surprise to learn that scientists have found that using color in the classroom is highly beneficial for advanced cognitive learning.

Sylvia O’Brien, creative director at design firm Colour Theory, writes, “When it comes to color in the learning environment, function trumps aesthetics. The science of color psychology is the reason to pick blue over red, or an orange over a purple. A well-executed color palette can enhance the absorption of information and facilitate the thinking process.”

To help students of all ages better retain information in this way, teachers are increasingly finding they need to use color printers to print out classroom materials. Educators say that particularly with younger students, the use of color significantly improves response rates when dealing with worksheets, books and activities.

Samsung understands the importance of producing sharp and vibrant colors in prints. And that is why it has taken color printing technology to the next level. In the classroom, at home and in the office, Samsung printers are equipped with optimized color printing capabilities that help spark creativity and inspiration – creating better learning opportunities.


Color in the Classroom

Using color in education has a range of noteworthy benefits. For a start, say scientists, color copies can help people process and store images more efficiently than black-and-white prints – and can make their contents easier to remember. Color psychologist and branding expert Jill Morton writes, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, a picture with natural colors may be worth a million, memory-wise.”

0120_Color Printers for Children's Education

Samsung’s multi-function printers (MFPs), like the MultiXpress 7 series, use Samsung-developed color-enhancing technology called Rendering Engine for Clean Page (ReCP) to deliver quality output with clear text and images. This innovative technology automatically sharpens the focus of both graphics and text, producing visually striking results every time.


A Colorful Request

0120_Color Printers for Children's Education

At River Oaks Elementary School, an elementary school for special needs learners in Northern California, teachers understand the pressing need for the use of color in the classroom. The teachers say they have done their best to make their classrooms attractive and colorful. According a local newspaper, this has led them to “paint the walls, color flashcards by hand and use different colored construction paper for backgrounds.”

But despite their efforts, the teachers concede that even this is not enough. That is why they have asked local charity the Sacramento Bee Book of Dreams to provide the school with a Samsung color laser multifunction printer and cartridges, in order to help them go beyond hand-painted efforts – and unleash the educative power of color in the classroom.


How Color Transforms the Way We Learn

Back in 2002, an international research team found that subjects performed five to 10 percent better on standardized pattern recognition tests when those tests were administered in color rather than monochrome.

0120_Color Printers for Children's Education

Samsung has long recognized the crucial importance of color. That is why its cost-effective MFPs, recognized with numerous Buyer’s Lab 2014 awards, use advanced Polymerized Toner formulation with smaller particles, giving color more impact. To make colors stand out even more, its higher wax content not only improves image gloss, but also enhances print durability by preventing unwanted fading. And that makes it ideal for all classroom settings.


Better Colors for a Brighter Future

0120_Color Printers for Children's Education

Samsung uses advanced chemistry in its toner cartridges to ensure the best finishes possible for every printout. The company was awarded TÜV Rheinland Product Safety and Quality certification for its low-emission, safe toner technology. This technology helps business owners operate greener workspaces with lower overheads, while also producing the highest-quality color images and text.

Samsung continues to pursue excellence in color reproduction, recognizing its importance to education – and all other verticals. That is why the company remains committed to researching new ways to ensure every page you print features the sharpest, highest-quality colors available.

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