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How Samsung Printers Help Connect Your Modern Workforce

How Samsung Printers Help Connect Your Modern Workforce

Companies everywhere are experiencing a generational shift. As older members of staff, born into an analog age, start to retire, they are being replaced. New recruits are now younger, more tech-savvy workers – so-called digital natives.

This has set many business owners to thinking just how well equipped their offices are for the challenges of having a workforce that is now made up predominantly of IT-smart millennials. Indeed, it is becoming apparent that unless you make up-to-date tools available for your staff, they will not be able to work at maximum efficiency.

So when it comes to office modernization, where is the ideal place to begin? Arguably, there is no better place to start than with your printing solutions.


Faster Connections

If you are thinking of boosting your enterprise multitasking options, increasing staff mobility and doing sustainable business, you really ought to be looking at how your company prints.

Gordon Tredgold, a business consultant and CEO of Leadership Principles, writes, “Millennials are apt at switching tasks quickly enough to appear to be doing them simultaneously.”

It is vital, therefore, that industries provide office technology that moves at the same speed as these fast-thinkers’ minds. With Samsung’s software, hardware and services, not only can you enable your millennial workforce to operate at maximum capacity, you can also do so sustainably.


Clouds and Mobiles

Forbes contributor Daniel Newman explains, “Employee mobility leads to 30 percent better processes, 23 percent more productivity and 100 percent more satisfied employees.”

However, the concept of storing data in the cloud and using mobile printing solutions can be disconcerting for some. Many people are worried about enabling access to data that is not stored in a securely locked filing cabinet, on a computer’s hard drive or on a company server – and are uneasy about employees using their mobiles for work-related tasks, fearing data breeches.

Fortunately, Samsung Printing Solutions provides the liberating versatility of the cloud and mobile printing without the worries of security threats.

How Samsung Printers Help Connect Your Modern Workforce

With safe access to the cloud and secure mobile print functionality, your staff can harness the power of the cloud, gaining access to all the documents they need. They can also send and print documents straight from their mobile devices, using solutions like the Samsung Cloud Print app, the services of Samsung affiliate PrinterOn and the Mopria Printing Library-certified Samsung Print Service tool.

Samsung’s security measures are designed to help cloud and mobile print customers keep their data safe. With Samsung Cloud Print’s Activate NFC feature, for example, you can easily register printers with NFC tags from your mobile phone.

User recognition with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) means that both Android and iOS users can enjoy the same high levels of simple and secure mobile authentication. BLE functionality lets users authenticate tasks with their Android or Apple mobiles, even from relatively long distances. When a certified user approaches a printer, a sensor on the device detects their presence and unlocks its UI, allowing for printer instant access.

And for IT admins, PrinterOn services allows for integration with Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, with enhanced PrinterOn security and deployment capabilities. MDM apps provide an enterprise-grade secure printing platform that runs throughout the entire document lifecycle.


Improving Sustainability

“When it comes to spending money,” writes Trevor Neilson of the Huffington Post. “Millennials are very conscious about how the purchases they make impact the world.” This philosophy also extends to the businesses they choose to work for. In fact, according to a Bentley University study, 84 percent of younger workers say that helping to make a positive difference in the world is “more important than business success.”

Samsung’s eco-friendly printing solutions help businesses become sustainable, help control energy consumption, reduce material waste – and also reduce overheads.

How Samsung Printers Help Connect Your Modern Workforce

The Easy Eco Driver (EED) function on many Samsung multi-function printers, for example, allows businesses to reduce their toner and paper usage. It does so by removing images from printed documents and reducing output density. The One Touch Eco Button, meanwhile, gives users a choice of pre-set, eco-friendly printing options, letting them fit more text and images onto pages, and even skip blank pages.

These features mean businesses can reduce their toner usage by up to 20 percent per year, and slash energy expenditure by up to 21 percent. And with devices like the M2885FW, which uses 48 percent less energy per year than its competitors, you can also save money while you are boosting your sustainability.


Staying Connected with Samsung Printing

Sustainability and flexibility are no longer optional. If your staff is made up of digital natives, you need to make sure your office reflects that, and that your IT hardware is up to the most modern of challenges.

By understanding the needs and professional goals your millennial staff have – and teaming up with Samsung Printing – you can ensure that both you and your employees stay on the same page.

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