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How the Dynamic Workflow App Will Boost Your Productivity

160517_Blog_How the Dynamic Workflow App Will Boost Your ProductivityIn today’s busy workplace, time is everything. So when it comes to printing, most businesses would rather their employees spent less time at printer screens performing menial tasks when they might be doing something more productive.That is why modern offices are increasingly looking for ways to simplify the printing process and seek out effective time- and money-saving shortcuts. Increasingly such shortcuts are taking the form of applications, like those available on Samsung’s innovative Android-based Smart UX Center.One particularly handy Smart UX Center app, Dynamic Workflow, allows your business to create and customize workflows while making use of multiple apps. It allows you to integrate tasks such as scanning, text editing and document distribution into a single workflow – saving your company time and enhancing your productivity to boot.And not only can you use Dynamic Workflow to integrate straightforward printing and scanning processes, you can also do the same with a whole range of document-related office tasks you might have otherwise never assumed compatible with such an app. 

Easy Printing Workflow Management

The Dynamic Workflow app enables you to set up a document processing system on your printer and automatically complete a series of tasks, the sequence of which you can tailor to your needs.

For example, if you need to filter a certain combination of scanning, optical character recognition and document distribution tasks into a single workflow, Dynamic Workflow can help you do so, and also can save the workflow as a one-touch shortcut template for future use.


How to Create a Workflow

To start work on a new workflow, you will first need to log in to the panel. After doing so, simply push the Plus button to get started.

You can now begin selecting options from the input list, and dragging and dropping your selections into the square box on the left.

60517_Blog_How the Dynamic Workflow App Will Boost Your Productivity

Select your required input location, choosing from options such as: Scan, File, Toner Status, Imaging Unit Status and Device Status.

Next, you can select your desired process direction options, with solutions such as OCR, Page Reflow and the Editor available. Alternatively, you can skip this stage before finally selecting your choice of output destination, such as a printer, the SMB folder, Box, Scan & Send, or your own choice of application, such as cloud storage or B2B applications.


Customizing Your Workflows

Every aspect of the way you use Dynamic Workflow is eminently user-friendly. After creating your new workflow, all you need to do is hit the start button, sit back and let the printer do the rest of the hard work.

Below is a workflow list created using Dynamic Workflow.

60517_Blog_How the Dynamic Workflow App Will Boost Your Productivity

If you need to make changes to a workflow, all you have to do is touch its name and an option menu will appear, allowing you to apply a range of quick and easy edits with a few easy taps.


Streamline Your Day with Dynamic Workflow

No matter what the size of your enterprise, saving time and money is paramount in 2016, and Dynamic Workflow is an app that allows you to do just that.

Dynamic Workflow allows Samsung MFP users the ability to combine the functions of several apps into a single workflow task, providing an easy streamlining service for your company’s printing tasks.

Help your business take the next step toward a new era of printing productivity with Dynamic Workflow and Samsung’s wide-range of powerful, time-saving Smart UX Center apps.

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