How-Samsung-Printing-Keeps-It-Real-and-Relevant_v1It wasn’t that long ago that everyone predicted that the printer would become irrelevant, pointing to the growing number of businesses digitizing their workflows and the increasing ranks of on-the-go workers as evidence. However, despite some grim expectations of print’s future, these days printers have instead emerged as a vital tool for connectivity, productivity, collaboration and expansion in today’s fast-paced and constantly-shifting professional world.

In fact, millennials– the very generation that defined the digital era with social media, ground-breaking tech innovations and market-disrupting smartphone applications – is the generation using printers the most today. According to the Technology User Profile (TUP) 2016 Report from market research firm MetaFacts, adults aged 28 through 35 use printers more than any other adult group, utilizing services that go far beyond just printing, copying, scanning and faxing.


Seeing Is Believing

Finding the right printer for your particular business sector can seem like a daunting task, especially when quality is crucial. In the creative industries, which are dominated by millennials, designers, graphic and visual artists require machines that can produce true-to-color printouts that mirror what is displayed on their screen, and more importantly, that reflect the high-level output demanded by clients when it’s time to go to print.


Having physical printouts with accurate color tones allows designers to better analyze and improve their work, and is a reason why many creative professionals look to Samsung when choosing a printer. The Samsung Multifunction Printer ProXpress C3060FW recently received PC Magazine’s 2017 Editor’s Choice “Excellent” rating as a color laser all-in-one printer for a busy small or micro office, or small workgroup. In its review, PC Magazine highlighted that the ProXpress C3060FW is speedy and has a solid feature set, but what really sets it apart from the competition is its output quality, which is good enough for printing marketing materials.

Creative industries also benefit from Samsung’s unique Rendering Engine for Clean Page (ReCP) technology, which produces sharp text and clear images on a range of media sizes and weights. Additionally, the Smart CMS (Smart Color Management System) improves the quality of printing with an automatic image adjustment function which enhances sharpness and removes white gaps. All of which helps creative professionals produce the level of output needed for success – one of the many factors that make Samsung’s line of printers an excellent choice.


Adapting to the New Pace – and Place – of Work


Major changes are occurring in the way people envision their ideal work environment, and more often entail flexible hours, workplace mobility, improved communications within organizations and teams, as well as having access to the latest professional technology designed to increase productivity.

Furthermore, according to a recent Gartner survey, nearly eighty percent of employees bring at least one personal device to work and use it to some degree to conduct business. As modern workplaces are increasingly embracing cloud-based operations and IT solutions, Samsung has partnered with powerful cloud printing service provider, PrinterOn, offering businesses an entire new way of using printers to boost productivity.

The average employee prints close to twenty-five pages per day. Not needing to physically be in the office to print, or having the ability to send tasks to an office in an entirely different region makes cloud printing a very attractive option for the modern worker.

Samsung and PrinterOn’s enterprise mobile printing solutions enable printing to be done from any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC using Samsung’s Cloud Print or other cloud-based document managements applications, giving workplace mobility the support it needs to be implemented more frequently across different industries.

Cloud-based printing solutions are also contributing to better communication and collaboration between teams across departments and offices, right from the printer. Connectivity apps and features mean that a team member can receive and access documents directly from Samsung’s MultiXpress MX7 Series Smart UX panel, make any necessary edits or changes before printing, and then send the document to a colleague at the point of origin – all without the need for a PC.

As the pace of business continues to quicken, speed has become another key element that Samsung has focused on, engineering their enterprise-level printers to print documents and images with lightning-fast speed, efficiency and most importantly, quality. The MultiXpress MX7 Series printers are capable of printing sixty color pages per minute, making it an excellent option for any industry or business.


Long Live Printing

Printing’s refusal to become obsolete has actually transformed the industry, as what were once standalone single-purpose devices are now multipurpose, multifaceted machines whose functionality, connectivity and speed are crucial to business success. With managed print services, high-speed, sharp color laser printers, instant editing and cloud connectivity, printing has gone from being a fading technology to an emerging one, with more innovations and breakthroughs yet to come.