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How to Make Your Printer Logins Safe and Straightforward

0508_How to Make Your Printer Logins Safe and Straightforward_v1Developments come thick and fast in the world of IT – and some new innovations mean that the way tech users log in to their devices, apps and email accounts is about to change forever. Google, for example, has announced that it will make radical changes to its login system, while Windows Hello is also gathering pace, allowing users access to a whole range of new login options.

But what if you could enjoy advanced login functionality on your printers, too – and also help keep prying eyes away from your business data? Thanks to one of Samsung Printing’s handy solutions, you can do precisely that.


Login Choices

Secure Login Core is one of the Business Core 2.0 suite’s five solutions, and lets you take your company’s printing authorization to a whole new level.


Samsung’s Secure Login Core gives you a choice of several versatile and effective login options. This allows IT admins to select the login options that suit their company them best – while beefing up security and allowing staff faster access to key printer functions.

The core’s customizable settings mean you can restrict access to your hardware and data as needed, so only the right people are able to use your company’s devices or access documents. It makes authentication easier than ever, while at the same time helping you step up your company’s security levels.


Mobile Authentication

Secure Login Core allows admins to choose straightforward ID and password authentication settings. It also lets you simplify matters by using short personal identification numbers (PINs), for an experience that is rather like using a bank’s ATM.

It also lets you make use of proximity cards, such as the kind of employee IDs that are used to operate automatic doors in the office.

0508_How to Make Your Printer Logins Safe and Straightforward_v2

The core also lets your staff use their mobiles phones as a form of authentication, thanks to Active Near Field Communication (Active NFC) innovation. This electromagnetic wireless technology enables communication between two devices – in this case, their mobile phones and the office’s printers.

Many modern smartphones come with built-in Active NFC chips, which means once you have activated this function, your employees simply need to tap their phones against the printer’s NFC reader in order to release a print job, or access a printer’s UI.


BLE Functionality

The core’s login choices do not end there. You can also use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) authentication for yet more mobile device authentication options. BLE functionality is available on a whole host of iOS and Android devices, meaning that users do not even need to take their phones out of their pockets to log in – and your staff can enjoy a device-agnostic user experience.

90508_How to Make Your Printer Logins Safe and Straightforward_v3

The printer’s UI simply unlocks when it senses they are approaching, detecting verified phones’ unique BLE signals. Of course, the printer remains locked if an unauthorized user attempts to gain access.

These options grant you and your employees greater flexibility with their login options, while all the time maintaining optimal security. And all that means your business gets more freedom to access and share its data and documents securely – and on its own terms.


Safer and Easier

Technology is powering new authentication solutions that allow for faster, easier device access. But many worry that these new solutions prioritize convenience at the expense of security. Secure User Core, however, allows you to get the best of both worlds: quick access and safeguards for your data.

With customizable settings that let you pick and choose how your employees log into your printers, Samsung ensures the power to protect business information and boost efficiency always remains at your fingertips.

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