kiosk_v1As work and study become increasingly more mobile, people on the move are discovering a greater need for instant access to a printer, wherever they may be. Now Samsung’s Smart Printing Kiosk provides a swift and straightforward solution, allowing businesses to offer their customers self-service payments for printing, copying and scanning on Samsung multi-function printers (MFPs).

The newly-featured Smart Printing Kiosk offering consists of a paid app available exclusively on Samsung’s Smart UX Center and a payment solution created by partner company SKUARIO. The self-service payment system for MFPs is easy to install and maintain, since it only requires the app to be downloaded from the Printing App Center.

Businesses can provide users with a number of payment options including prepaid card, credit card and QR code via the SKUARIO app. They also have the option of adding a hardware device such as a card reader or coin box to accept cash.

With these capabilities, the self-service printer can operate automatically 24 hours a day.

Take a closer look at how the Samsung Smart Printing Kiosk can solve a wide variety of problems.


PC, Print, Pay

“Students often come to the college library wanting to print out assignments or essays for class, which takes up a lot of the librarian’s time and energy. How can students print and pay by themselves?”


Select the Samsung Smart Kiosk enabled Printer in your PC’s print settings and click print. A pop-up will require you to type in a 4-digit PIN code which you will also need to type in at the printer. At the printer, press the Print icon, then the PC icon, and enter the PIN again to release the document. Make sure to check the price per page and the total price before hitting print.

Then, select a payment method and make the payment. Printing will begin once the payment is complete.

Education institutions can make effective use of a prepaid card system, which can be tapped against a prepaid card reader, as it eliminates the need to carry cash around campus and helps students manage their printing budget.


USB Made Easy

“I like to back-up everything on my USB, and often use it to transfer files. However, sometimes when I’m pressed for time I need to print straight from the USB. Can I still use the Smart Printing Kiosk?”


Happily, Samsung Smart Printing Kiosk is USB compatible and makes easy work of printing. Insert the USB into the printer’s USB port, press the Print icon in the Smart Printing Kiosk application, then the USB icon. Select the document, and print options, and check the price per page and total price.

When equipped with a card reader, the Samsung Smart Printing Kiosk can accept card payments, just like you would pay in a store.


Digital Nomad

“These days, I use my smartphone for everything. I rarely take my laptop anywhere and don’t even carry cards or cash. It’s great, but what if I’m out of the office and need to print a document?”


Even if your printer isn’t mobile, your printing still can be. Just select the PrinterOn app on your smartphone or mobile device and choose source and the file that needs to be printed. When the document has been transmitted, a Release Code will be issued to your mobile device. At the printer, press the Print icon in the Smart Printing Kiosk application, then the Mobile icon, and enter your Release Code. Remember to check the price per page and total price.

To pay using your mobile device, select the SKUARIO icon at the printer, and a QR code will be displayed. Select the SKUARIO app on your mobile device, select the pay icon and scan the QR code and confirm amount. Pay by entering the user’s PIN.


Copy That

“It’s the weekend and I don’t have any kind of printer at home. How can make photocopies for an important application process?”


Many don’t have the space to keep a multifunctional printer at home, but the options shouldn’t be limited. Load original document and press the “Copy” icon in the Smart Printing Kiosk application. Select copy options and press “Start.” Once the document has been copied, double check the price per page and total price.

Don’t forget that you can use the Samsung Pay app instead of your credit card with all compatible card readers.


Scanning to Suit All Sizes

“If I am completely offline, but need to scan a document, how can I scan and save large documents when I’m out and about?”


If you need to bring a scanned document file to a place without Internet access, don’t worry, you can scan to USB on Samsung Smart Kiosk enabled printers. To scan to a USB, load the tray and insert the USB into the printer. Select scan options and press start. Before making a payment, check the price per page and total price.

And if you’re completely offline, with no phone and no credit card, you can pay the old-fashioned way using a coin box and cash.


And there you have it! Samsung Smart Printing Kiosk is a versatile, hassle-free solution for today’s on-the-go users. For more information, visit