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Improve Real-Time Work Efficiency with Samsung Connected Printers

0519_Improve-Real-Time-Work-Efficiency-with-Samsung-Connected-Printers_v1In today’s fast-paced and high-energy workforce, the requirements demanded of professionals are constantly evolving. Notably, the ability to quickly share real-time information has become an absolute necessity for industries that rely on crews to perform at their best while out in the field or back in the office.

By optimizing cloud printing and digitizing workflows, industries like construction, architecture and development can significantly improve performance by reducing the need to share paper documentations such as blueprints, design drawings, equipment logs and other reports.


A recent article from Archinect notes that information sharing gets delayed substantially in the absence of digitization, meaning that contractors, construction companies and owners are all working with different versions of reality.

To reduce the amount of time it takes for decisions and changes that are made in the office to reach on-site crews and vice versa, Samsung Printing’s connected printers have been designed and engineered to enable quick data-sharing, mobility and collaboration for any industry wanting to improve efficiency.


Enhance Data-Sharing with Cloud Connector Core

Within business, the term “cloud” has become synonymous with improved data management, storage and transferability. Samsung Printing’s Cloud Connector Core, available on Samsung’s multifunction printers, allows users to scan to and print directly from the cloud, without the need for a computer.


This on-the-spot printing can decrease the amount of the time it takes for last-minute changes on blueprints or project details to get to the construction manager who needs them. Additionally, Cloud Connector Core can reduce the number of revisions needed by allowing users to preview and edit before uploading scanned images to the cloud.

Most major cloud platforms are supported, including Google Drive, SharePoint Online, Dropbox, OneDrive, Evernote and Hightail, making Cloud Connector Core a must-have for any business seeking to improve overall workflow.


Collaboration with Ease and Speed

For most construction projects, time is of the essence, and when a file is needed immediately, Send Anywhere for Printer will deliver. This powerful paid app enables users to scan and share documents with others instantly and securely within the Samsung’s Smart UX center. Once sent, an OTP 6-digit passcode is generated, ensuring that only the intended recipient can print the document.


Unlike other file transfer or cloud-based storage apps, Send Anywhere allows users to send as many files as they want – of any type and size – across a wide range of platforms, including Android, iOS, Mac and PC.

Send Anywhere for Printer offers the capacity to collaborate across many different levels and locations, reducing the turn-around time for large projects.


On-Site Document Editing

Architects and construction managers are often dealing with several moving parts, and require team members to review, fill out and sign documents for projects to operate continuously and smoothly. Waiting for the forms to be completed and sent through traditional methods can take time and add unnecessary costs.


Samsung Printing’s Workbook Composer app allows users to edit forms, reports, applications and any other documents directly on the printer’s intuitive Android-powered tablet.

The app can even detect hand-written checkbox marks when a red pen is used, and can automatically export multiple selected areas. Furthermore, users can save and share images in editable formats through their server, email or other cloud-based printing apps to help speed up the time it takes for documents to be completed and submitted.

With Samsung Printing’s many different printing app options for improving workflow efficiency, businesses in every industry, including construction, manufacturing, hospitality, finance and others, can save time, cut costs and improve overall operations.

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