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Introducing Business Core 2.0’s Suite of Powerful Business Solutions

Introducing Business Core 2.0’s Suite of Powerful Business Solutions

For small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the idea of running a serverless printing network is very attractive. If correctly managed, such systems can save companies a lot in terms of time and cost. But if you fail to manage your fleet properly, serverless networks can also lead to potential headaches.

That is why Samsung Printing Solutions has developed the Business Core 2.0 suite, a set of five modular solutions that SMBs can use to keep their output and document management systems operating efficiently and economically. You can implement these solutions individually or in any combination, giving your office the flexibility to configure these apps in the way that best meets your own business needs.

Business Core 2.0 offers SMBs all the advantages of the its predecessor, Business Core Printing Solutions(BCPS)—such as extended compatibility, lower installation and maintenance costs, reduced printing costs and improved printing practice monitoring.

However, it also offers a plethora of new features, including mobile phone authentication, improved security, simple PDF reports, advanced cloud printing services options and the Document Workflow Core app. Together, these provide the means for SMBs to get work done more effectively and securely than ever.


Tracking and Controlling Your Documentation

It is essential to track and control your office’s printing to make sure you are not wasting resources. And Business Core 2.0 offers two apps that let you manage the way your company uses its printers.

Usage Tracker Core lets you check on your printers’ use, costs and users with an intuitive interface. You can monitor multiple devices and users at once, making it easy to manage your output efficiently. And based on reports generated by this app, you can also generate estimates of future expenses.



In the case of large paper workloads, Document Workflow Core can automate document management, saving your business time and resources by capturing, processing and distributing documents digitally. Samsung provides several features that create a seamless and intuitive infrastructure for repetitive digital document handling.

Zone OCR reads scan codes and automatically routes as needed, sending them to preset locations using caller ID or metadata. You can also make scanning and faxing more efficient by categorizing documents and distributing them digitally, all with just a single touch of the printer panel.

The Document Workflow Core also features improved document conversion, allowing you to convert files into MS Office formats directly, saving you yet more time.



Two Ways of Adding Printer Security

Security is an absolute must in today’s offices, and companies can ill afford to allow the growing functionality of their advanced printer networks to compromise overall office and document protection. Fortunately, Business Core 2.0 offers twofold security enhancement.

Printing Security Core uses secure pull-printing and user authentication to protect your network. It ensures documents are only released to authorized users, guarding against the leakage of confidential documents. It can also work around printing backlogs by moving tasks to nearby printers as needed. However, with secure pull-printing you need not worry about the wrong person gaining access to your files.



Secure Login Core also makes use of authentication to protect businesses from unauthorized documents access dangers. It supports a variety of authentication types, including ID cards, passwords, proximity cards and personal ID numbers. MFPs and documents can be restricted as needed, meaning only the right people will be able to see and use your devices and documents.



Connect Your Business to the Cloud

Mobile devices are an increasingly important workplace tool, and Business Core 2.0 provides a range of cloud solutions. Cloud Connector Core provides businesses easy, secure access to the cloud for printing and scanning without requiring the use if an additional server. It supports a variety of formats and services, and does not require users to route through a PC first.



With these five enhanced apps, all part of Samsung Printing Solutions’ Business Core 2.0, your SMBs can enjoy better business opportunities than ever. Together, these solutions offer a shortcut for any company looking to cut its costs and exercise more control over its printing and document management. Up your efficiency, enjoy watertight security – and help your business bloom.

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