0710_Is-Your-Company-Ready-for-the-“Golden-Age”-of-SMB-Investment_v1Experts have good news for anyone running a small- or medium-sized business (SMB): a “golden age” appears to be at hand. Forbes writer David Prosser claims that in certain parts of the world “crowdfunding and other types of private finance for SMBs could usher in a golden age of investment.”

And, according to a recent report from All Street research, companies with market capitalization worth up to US $ 2billion now represent a “vibrant universe, with a wide diversity of business models from which firms have the potential to generate long-term economic value.”

If these analysts are right, welcome cash injections could be on the horizon for forward-looking SMBs. But if you are one of the fortunate beneficiaries of this new “golden age,” how can you ensure your company makes best use of its windfall?

In many cases, channeling an investment into your company’s infrastructure is a wise move. After all, trying to navigate the tech-rich future with outdated office IT networks at your disposal is bound to put you at a disadvantage against your competition. Prudent SMB owners know there are no guarantees as to how long such “golden ages” may last – if a windfall is forthcoming, spending wisely is key. In cases like these, Samsung’s future-proof printing solutions can prove to be just what the doctor ordered.


Value of Durability

The challenge for smart SMBs is now to get IT spending right. That is easier said than done, say skeptics. But one tried-and-trusted method when it comes to tech investments is to opt for durability.

Indeed, durability is one of Samsung Printing’s strongest suits. The company recognizes that devices that last longer cost SMB owners less in the long-term, are more likely to stand up to high-intensity tasks and perform well when under pressure.

In fact, even in the unforgiving heat and humidity of summer, when other printers often succumb to jams, Samsung printing hardware is built to perform. Even high-volume users attest that Samsung printers let you keep your cool, even when others are getting all hot and bothered.


And speaking of high-volume performance, Samsung multi-function printers (MFPs), like the MultiXpress 7 series, have earned their stripes in this department. The MX7 won recognition from Industry Analysts testers, who used a device to churn out a million copies (and the same number of scans) in just three short months.

Devices built to last are designed not to break down when you need them most. Other MFP models like the MultiXpress 4, for example, are also proven tough cookies. Even in the most extreme of conditions, they have not been found wanting – one model in the United States even survived a raging office fire, returning to full functionality just shortly after.

And oftentimes sound tech investments let you make immediately noticeable savings, freeing up yet more funds for other important projects. Samsung’s MFPs have won numerous awards from the Buyers Laboratory (BLI) for their energy efficiency. For instance, the M2885FW, says the BLI, uses up to 48 percent less energy over the space of a year than its competitors.


Expanding Horizons

Hardware alone cannot safeguard against the breathless speed of change in the modern office. So it helps if you divert investment boons into devices you know have the sort of platforms that can easily be built upon. With easily expandable, Android-powered devices, Samsung offers SMBs exactly that.


Expandability is the name of the game for SMBs – you want to be able to move with the times, and that probably means you want an office printer network that can move with you. Fortunately, expansibility is another key value for Samsung printing devices. With the Android-powered Smart UX Center touchscreen interface, you can add new functionality as it becomes available, with a range of free and paid downloadable apps and widgets.

Developers, not only at Samsung, but also at third-party companies, are producing new apps for the newly revamped Printing App Center 2.0. The latter is a one-stop marketplace for Samsung MFP users whose devices are equipped with the Smart UX Center – letting you harness the power of current (and future) software innovation.


“Golden” Future?

As almost any SMB owner will attest, the name of the game in business is striking while the iron is hot. If someone wants to back your company financially, it is vital that you know how to maximize this investment.

Channeling “golden age” investments into tech solutions that you know will last helps you ensure exponential future growth – letting you play the long game like a pro, and staying well ahead of your rivals.