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Let Your Company Enjoy Serverless Flexibility with Cloud Connector Core

Let Your Company Enjoy Serverless Flexibility with Cloud Connector CoreThe business landscape changes so fast nowadays it is hard to keep track of all the latest developments. One tech trend that looks like it will just continue developing, though, is the cloud. Increasingly, companies are ditching their old servers and looking to implement solutions that will allow them flexibility, and see the cloud as a way of doing that.

Tech giants and even national governments are all throwing their hats into the cloud ring: Google’s new Google Cloud service is gaining attention, while the UK’s central government has announced it will step up its wide-reaching migration to the cloud.

With the cloud gaining traction in just about every sphere of business you care to mention, office managers are starting to realize that if they fail to keep up with current developments, they will risk letting their companies fall behind in the tech stakes.

When it comes to document management and printing solutions, Samsung Printing has what it takes to help your company future-proof itself.


Core of the Matter

In addition to the versatile Samsung Cloud Print app and flexibility-enabling services from affiliate PrinterOn, Samsung also offers business of all sizes diverse cloud options with the Cloud Connector Core. The solution is part of the comprehensive enterprise-friendly Business Core 2.0 suite.

Cloud Connector Core grants your business simple and secure access to the cloud, for both printing and scanning operations. The solution also supports a range of formats and services, for greater device, software and service flexibility.

Let Your Company Enjoy Serverless Flexibility with Cloud Connector Core

Importantly, it does not require you to route through a PC to operate, which means you can scan directly from the cloud to your printer. Without having to scurry back and forth to their workstations every time they need to execute a print job, your staff gets much more time and flexibility to get on with what it does best. And that, in turn, enables your company to work faster and more effectively.

With support for a wider range of file formats and cloud services, you get more compatibility options. Currently supported cloud services include Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, Hightail, OneDrive and Microsoft SharePoint Online. Samsung officials note that support for additional cloud services will be added as they becomes available. Compatible scan file types, meanwhile, include .JPG, .PDF, .TIFF and .XPS.


Safe in the Cloud

Is cloud security a cause for concern for your business?

Let Your Company Enjoy Serverless Flexibility with Cloud Connector Core

Using Cloud Connector Core lets you alleviate your worries. It means you can enjoy secure authentication and authorization for the Google Drive online storage service, with OAuth 2.0 protocol protection providing you safe, secure file access.

OAuth 2.0 is industry-authorization flows for web applications, desktop applications, mobile phones and living room devices.


Ditch the Servers

One of the key plus points of the Cloud Connector Core is the fact that it lets your company do away with the need for additional servers – and go completely serverless.

Serverless solutions provide cost-effectiveness, in addition to reducing waste. They also let you lower both your printing and your supply overheads.

With ease of installation and usability, it does not matter what device you need to use, you can always access your information – even when you are on the move. With more resources available to your employees, improved work efficiency will help them boost your enterprise growth.


Revolution in the Clouds

Cloud Connector Core is only one of Samsung’s many cloud solutions, which are all designed to help your company become fully future-compatible.

But with the ability to go serverless, enjoy flexibility, security and work faster than ever, Cloud Connector Core could help your company join the cloud revolution – just in time to get a head start on your rivals.

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