Millennials and Flexible Workforces: How Your Business Can Adapt Is your idea of a perfect workforce a group of employees who show up at the office from 9 to 6 Monday-Friday? If so, statistics say your business model is dated – and out-of-step with modern workers’ expectations.

Per American Express, 75 percent of United States millennials think business environments should be “flexible and fluid.” They also expect employers “not to enforce a rigid structure on employees.” Meanwhile, Ranstad has found 61 percent of workers now expect to choose agile work opportunities by 2019.

Without an influx of talented young things, your company can get stuck in its ways – and lose touch with contemporary business trends. But how can businesses hope to provide flexibility without compromising on efficiency?


Flexible Foundations

Fostering a culture of flexibility is essential if you want to attract millennial staff. But doing so is a lot easier when your hardware operates within a highly customizable ecosystem.

Indeed, the Smart UX Center, the touchscreen interface that comes with many of Samsung’s multi-function printers, lets you fine-tune your devices with a range of downloadable apps and widgets, creating more effective workflows that do not require your staff to spend most of their days manning their workstations.

Millennials and Flexible Workforces: How Your Business Can Adapt

As a British Samsung partner explains, “The Smart UX’s customizable nature makes it simple for Samsung engineers to code – and recode. Devices that just run on a manufacturer’s own firmware have little flexibility.”

With a printing network that you can customize to meet your own requirements, you can adjust your office setup to better suit the needs of your workforce – no matter what hours they need to keep, or where they need to be based.


Mobile Matters

If you really want to grant your staff freedom, you need to provide them with mobility options– an essential for millennial employees. Fortunately, Samsung provides several handy solutions. These include the Mopria Print Library-certified Samsung Print Service. This tool comes pre-installed on a range of Android handsets, and is a quick and easy download for many more. Indeed, as David SW Song, Samsung Printing’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, explains, “More than half a billion users can enjoy mobile printing with the Samsung Print Service, regardless of their printer brand, without having to install additional software or taking any additional steps to set up a printer connection.”

Millennials and Flexible Workforces: How Your Business Can Adapt

For yet further mobility, the Smart UX Mobile app lets your workers use Smart UX functionality, even with conventional 2- or 4-line devices, controlling printers right from their smartphones. The app lets staff scan on printers that do not even have scanning hardware – using smartphone cameras in lieu of scanning equipment. The app comes bundled with a mobile version of the Dynamic Workflow app, letting staff customize workflows when they are on the move, or link to productivity-enabling solutions like Salesforce or the instant messaging apps that millennials are so fond of conducting business on.


Workforces Unshackled

Millennials and Flexible Workforces: How Your Business Can Adapt

How can you let staff collaborate on team projects if you have a truly millennial workforce, whereby certain members are working from home, while others are in the office, and others still are on the go? One solution is to use the SendAnywhere for Printer. This solution lets you share files in real-time using either Wi-Fi connection or cellular networks, without the need for a cloud. You can use SendAnywhere to transfer multiple files, file types and even larger-sized files across all sorts of platforms, including Android, iOS, Mac or Windows.

Millennials and Flexible Workforces: How Your Business Can Adapt

And if cloud-based collaboration is more your company’s thing, you need look no further than Samsung Cloud Print, which offers management options for documents, images and other files – without the need for cellular networks or Wi-Fi connections. With all Samsung Cloud Print data transfers making use of one-time tokens, which require user authentication for activation, your business data always stays safe, no matter where your employees need to be working.


Flexible Future

Modern, millennial workers no longer wish for flexibility – they have come to expect it from their employers. By building a company-wide infrastructure that caters to their needs, you can find yourself able to collaborate with people based anywhere in the world, and working on very different work schedules – potentially helping your company expand into new markets, new regions or even time zones.

With Samsung, you can say goodbye to the days of tying employees down to fixed workstations, with rigid, unaccommodating timetables – and hello to a whole new world of millennial-friendly business flexibility.