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MX7 Series Lunar Edition

Samsung Printing Solutions_MultiXpress MX7 Series Lunar Edition


Samsung Electronics is constantly discovering new ways to push the boundaries of innovative and efficient technology. Over the past few decades, renewable energy obtained extra-terrestrially has been used with considerable success. However, until now renewable energy has often been derivative of the sun, in the form of solar power.

Recently, a highly secretive research team comprised of engineers, scientists and astrophysicists has worked with Samsung to produce a beta version of a special multi-function printer (MFP) that generates its power from the moon.

At first not sure exactly what could be achieved from harnessing lunar energy and using it to power electronics, the research team in fact ended up making a myriad of truly revolutionary technological discoveries.


Bioelectroplasmic Film

Samsung Printing Solutions_Bioelectroplasmic FilmThe discovery of means to properly harness and utilize lunar power to produce electricity in turn fast-tracked another development that the research team had been working on simultaneously, namely paperless printing.

Prior to unlocking the power of the moon, the research team had found that using a 0.05mm thick strip of polyimide film the size of an A4 sheet of paper for printing and conventional toner produced incredibly sharp and detailed prints. It represented, said the team, a vast improvement upon even the highest-quality A4 paper.

Unfortunately, the cost of polyimide film meant that using it on a commercial scale was not viable. However, when lunar power was applied to the modified MultiXpress Lunar Edition MFP, the polyimide film’s molecular composition changed, resulting in what is now called bioelectroplasmic film.


Phantasmagoric Ink

Samsung Printing Solutions_Phantasmagoric InkThe newly applied “lunar power” not only provided an endless energy supply to the MFP printer and expedited the development of paperless printing, but also created an astounding byproduct called Phantasmagoric Ink.

Phantasmagoric Ink was created when moon particles mixed with Samsung’s toner cartridges.

At first, the research team was not sure what it had discovered. However, as it continued with its experiments, it soon realized the ink’s enormous potential.

When the new ink was printed on a sheet of the now-patented, and reusable bioelectroplasmic film, and placed directly on top on the Lunar Edition MFP, the content was immediately projected as a three-dimensional holograph.

Images instantly became complete 3D renderings, and text and graphs were displayed in a completely different way – without the need for a screen.


Phantasmal Lunar Modules

Foreseeing limited mobility issues due to the need for the film to be placed on the top of the Lunar Edition printer in order to function in this manner, the research team developed Phantasmal Lunar Modules.

By filling Lunar Modules with Phantasmagoric Ink, individual units can easily be transported to different locations, where the holographic materials can be displayed during presentations, art displays and 3-dimensional studies. They also offer the opportunity for users to show off their family vacation photos in a whole new way.

Already, the potential for this technology appears endless for architects, 3D designers, artists, set designers, and those who wish to keep a 3-dimensial hologram of their loved ones on their desks.

The Samsung MultiXpress MX7 Lunar Edition MFP is set for launch on April 1, 2017. However, through the Lunar Launch program, specialists in a variety of industries have already been granted the opportunity to test beta versions of the device featuring these remarkable technological developments.


*This is not a real Samsung product or concept – at least not yet. We hope you enjoyed reading the article, however, and wish you a happy April Fools’ Day! 

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