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New Support and Security Apps Provide Boost for IT Admins

New Support and Security Apps Provide Boost for IT Admins_v1In the modern world, it is not uncommon for IT admins and customer support center managers to feel like they are drowning in troubleshooting requests and security-related issues. The office has become a hive of cutting-edge technology. While this is great news for staff, if you are a busy IT admin, it can often feel overwhelming.Deciding when to call out an engineer or when to try to fix a printer issue yourself can pose a conundrum. Dealing with your entire printer fleet’s security settings, on a device-by-device basis, is another undesirable headache.

So for beleaguered admins and managers, the two latest Samsung Printing Apps will be very welcome. RemoteView and Smart Security Manager apps not only promise to help bolster security management and improve the troubleshooting process, but also to make life easier for the office’s busiest people.



Maximized Maintenance

The new RemoteView app is a cloud-based application that IT admins and printing customer service providers will find especially useful, and has recently become available on the (recently revamped) Printing App Center. With this new app, service engineers can provide multi-function printer (MFP) caretaking remotely – without having to set foot in offices where printers are installed.

New Support and Security Apps Provide Boost for IT Admins_v3

RemoteView connects and controls your office’s MFPs remotely from a PC or any web-based platform. Without having to travel to offices, IT admins and service providers can provide live troubleshooting assistance to MFPs on their web-based devices, diagnosing and fixing problems in real-time.

New Support and Security Apps Provide Boost for IT Admins_v2

If these key features sound familiar, that is because RemoteView evolved from the ground-breaking RemoteCall app, which also allows Samsung engineers to provide remote access and real-time service support.

However, there are two major differences between RemoteCall and RemoteView. Firstly, RemoteCall operates only on PCs, but RemoteView has been developed for all web-based platforms, including mobile devices like phone and tablet. This fact has allowed for the addition of advanced features, including live-view functionality for multiple devices and group configuration – options that make fleet management easier for both IT admins and customer support center staff.

Secondly, RemoteView does not require service engineers to type in one-time passwords (OTPs) each time a user reaches out for support. Instead, IT admins can choose to allow engineers access to their MFPs at any time. This allows for improved (and more frequent) maintenance options.

For a detailed guide on how to utilize RemoteView, check out RemoteView Smart Tips video at SamsungPrinting Youtube Channel.

To download the printer version of the app, please visit Samsung Printing App Center. RemoteView for PC version can be downloaded from and mobile apps can be found in mobile OS app stores.


Smarter Security

New Support and Security Apps Provide Boost for IT Admins_v4

Security issues continue to plague modern offices – as the recent spate of WannaCry ransomware attacks provides plenty of evidence. IT admins and managers know that as offices become smarter, so too do cybercriminals. In the event of a threat, being able to make fast changes to your device’s settings is paramount.

In the past, optimizing settings was a long and laborious process. Admins had to scroll through a whole range of menus individually, looking for the security setting options they were after.

But Samsung’s new Smart Security Manager app addresses this concern. With one-click settings, admins can instead set up a secure IT environment and customize security profiles in an instant. The app makes it easy to check printers’ security status. Instead of scrolling through numerous menus to reach security settings, a straightforward, uncluttered interface lets admins make the key changes they need – quickly and effectively.

To download the printer version of the app, please visit Samsung Printing App Center.



Handy Tools

As the speed of office innovation shows no sign of letting up, admins and customer support professionals will soon face yet more IT-related challenges. But with smart, efficient, time-saving tools like RemoteView and the Smart Security Manager, overcoming these challenges just became a lot easier.

Samsung app developers will continue trying hard to create software that makes life easier, not just for device users – but also for the admins who maintain office hardware.

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