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Nice Touch: Why Samsung Printers’ Infrared Touchscreens Hand You More Control

Nice Touch: Why Samsung Printers’ Infrared Touchscreens Hand You More ControlWhen Samsung Printing’s MultiXpress multi-function printers debuted in 2014, they quickly won a reputation as devices that would usher in a new era of printing technology. With dynamic capabilities and a powerful, Android-powered touchscreen control panel, analysts and users alike were impressed with what they saw.

Designed to meet to the growing needs of small- and medium-sized businesses and enterprises, Samsung’s intuitive, customizable Smart UX Center touchscreen panel provides users with the digital tools and functionality they need to excel in their rapidly changing business environments.

Continuing in this rich vein of printing technology innovation, Samsung has added a new-look touchscreen panel for its MultiXpress M5360RX and C40 series , adding improved infrared (IR) sensors and improved design symmetry – allowing for greater usability for more customers across a range of industries.


Technological Boost

All sorts of IT companies are currently looking to incorporate IR technology in their new devices. In fact, IR innovations are becoming increasingly common in touchscreen interfaces, including auto satellite navigation systems and automated kiosks –as IR solutions offer users greater versatility and accuracy than conventional screens.

Touchscreens have come a long way since their inception. First-generation devices used pressure-sensitive technology, which was very effective, but provided a relatively low-resolution user experience.

Devices like the MX3, 4 and 7 series, as well as the M5370, instead use a capacitive-type touchscreen. Such screens are made with an insulator like glass, and coated with a transparent conductor. When a user touches the surface of a capacitive screen, this distorts the screen’s electrostatic field, giving the device instructions.

Capacitive interfaces make use of an additional sensor panel on the top of the screen, which (traditionally) made these types of interface relatively cost-ineffective for larger screens. Although capacitive screen-compatible styluses are available, not all pens can be used to operate such devices, and they cannot be used with wet or gloved hands.

Infrared touchscreens, meanwhile, respond to light (rather than pressure or disruptions to electrostatic fields), and do not require additional sensor panel layers. That means you can operate them with almost any object you like – including wet or gloved hands, and use objects like pens or styluses without a second thought.

Nice Touch: Why Samsung Printers’ Infrared Touchscreens Hand You More Control

In the past, infrared solutions were used in larger devices because the technology was cheaper – it did not require the extra sensor layer that pressure- and capacitive-types used. Capacitive screens have since become more affordable, however, so the above is no longer the case.

But dispensing of pressure and capacitive screens’ extra layer in infrared devices has an additional benefit: improved screen clarity.

Capacitive touchscreens have undisputable strengths, apparent for users of MX3, 4 and 7 series. But as Samsung’s newest devices have improved Application Specific Integrated Circuit technology and optimized GUIs, they are built to maximize the strengths of their infrared touchscreens.

Indeed, by incorporating IR touchscreen technology into the touchscreen interfaces of its MultiXpress M5360RX printers, Samsung is helping catering to a broader and more diverse group of users and businesses – letting members of staff access their printers as they see fit.


Winning Touch

Nice Touch: Why Samsung Printers’ Infrared Touchscreens Hand You More Control

Whatever industry you are working in, chances are your clients want faster response times from you, as well as constant efficiency improvements. And that means you will want tech solutions that do likewise.

The MultiXpress M5360RX’s IR touchscreen control panel does just that. It provides you with a response speed three times faster than capacitive touchscreens. In fact, Samsung’s IR touchscreen performs at an astounding 300Hz and can receive signals before the screen has even been touched, while capacitive touchscreens tend to perform at 75Hz and require that users apply pressure before devices can start responding.

David SW Song, Head of Sales and Marketing at Samsung Printing, explains, “With the upgraded Smart UX Center interface, the M5360RX enhances businesses’ working environments. Samsung will continue to develop the Smart UX Center as a part of its efforts to develop a more efficient office environment – one where document management is easy and comprehensive.”

Sometimes good things come in small packages: the MultiXpress M5360RX and C40’s IR touchscreen panel is just 7 inches in size, allowing for a slim, and more balanced overall design. This means the entire unit is an attractive and adaptable addition to the modern office workspace. In fact, the iF design award recognized the C40 series earlier this year, further proof of its worth to forward-thinking companies.

Smart MultiXpress M5360RX models, featuring all-new infrared touchscreens, has already rolled out in Europe, Central and South America, Canada and Turkey, with further releases planned in the US and South Africa in later half of 2017.*

The C40 series is slated for launched in mid-June in Europe, the Americas, Korea, the Middle East, the CIS, China and Southwest Asia.*

*Release schedules are subject to regional variation.
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