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How the Smart UX Center’s RemoteCall App Helps You Eliminate Printer Errors

Almost every office worker in the world has experienced the frustration of trying to use a printer that has suddenly stopped functioning. Lights start flashing, perhaps the machine starts beeping. Before you know it, a cluster of office workers starts milling about the printer, trying to get it working when they really could be spending […]

Introducing Business Core 2.0’s Suite of Powerful Business Solutions

For small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the idea of running a serverless printing network is very attractive. If correctly managed, such systems can save companies a lot in terms of time and cost. But if you fail to manage your fleet properly, serverless networks can also lead to potential headaches. That is why Samsung Printing […]

How the Dynamic Workflow App Will Boost Your Productivity

In today’s busy workplace, time is everything. So when it comes to printing, most businesses would rather their employees spent less time at printer screens performing menial tasks when they might be doing something more productive.That is why modern offices are increasingly looking for ways to simplify the printing process and seek out effective time- […]

To Server or Not to Server: A Question for Your Office

The printer server has long been a necessary device in terms of managing offices’ printer networks. However in recent years, serverless printing has enjoyed grow prominence, as many offices opt instead for flexibility and decentralized networks. Today, both server-based and serverless print networks have become real, practical business options. But what are the advantages of […]

Hancom Office, Edit Documents on Your Smart UX Display

What should you do if you are all set to print an important document from a USB flash drive and – just in the nick of time – you notice a glaring mistake on the very first page?In the past, you would have to return to your desk, edit the file, re-save your document and […]

MX7 Series Lunar Edition

  Samsung Electronics is constantly discovering new ways to push the boundaries of innovative and efficient technology. Over the past few decades, renewable energy obtained extra-terrestrially has been used with considerable success. However, until now renewable energy has often been derivative of the sun, in the form of solar power. Recently, a highly secretive research […]

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