0821_Samsung Printing Offers Software Solutions Businesses NeedWhen a small and medium-sized business makes an investment in its printing networks, it should feel comfortable knowing that its purchase will provide intuitive and forward-thinking utility.

Samsung’s robust range of diverse software offerings ensures that this is the case for any company that purchases a Samsung printer. From the world’s first Android-powered Smart UX app ecosystem to strategic partnerships with companies that provide security and productivity enhancements, Samsung’s software solutions have the customizable power and range to meet the needs of today’s, and tomorrow’s, demanding business world.

For more streamlined reading, we have broken down our top software solutions into 3 streams: server-less, server-based, and cloud-based. Let’s take a closer look!


1. Server-less Solutions

Most print networks have grown more complex and tech-friendly in recent years, and many of today’s enterprises prefer to manage their documents and print jobs with a server-less solution.

Samsung’s server-less software solutions are extensive, and provide a high-level of intuitive customization, ensuring your company’s print network remains agile enough to meet your demands.


Business Core 2.0

0821_Samsung Printing Offers Software Solutions Businesses Need

Business Core 2.0’s powerful suite of business solutions will save your SMB time and money – from the start of a print job to the end.

Business Core 2.0 employs a 2-pronged security approach with Secure Login Core, and Printing Security Core, which add strong layers of security from the beginning of a document workflow right through to its fruition. These security solutions ensure that only authorized personnel can access the network and secure pull-printing and end-user authentication ensure documents are released to their intended recipients.

Usage Tracker Core and Document Workflow Core are 2 important solutions that will enable your company to efficiently track and control its printing resources, which leads to reduced costs and greater forecasting efficiency.

Finally, Cloud Connector Core provides enterprises with simple yet secure access to cloud printing and scanning, all without the use of a central server. And with mobile devices so ubiquitous in today’s workforce, Cloud Connector Core ensure your employees have the tools they need for mobile working efficiency.


Smart UX

0821_Samsung Printing Offers Software Solutions Businesses Need

With over 34 apps and more than 14 widgets available for download, Samsung’s Smart UX offers enterprises an unrivalled ecosystem of smart apps that enable printing solutions bespoke to their business needs.

These apps allow greater business productivity through enhanced control over copy and scanning, remote view and call services, and dynamic workflow management capabilities.

Not only do these smart apps boost productivity, they are also extremely user-friendly, thanks to their intuitive UI and UX; utilizing these apps are as easy as operating a smartphone.


2. Server-based Solutions

Samsung printers offer a number of server-based solutions that provide additional productivity and security for enterprise print networks. Below are 2 examples of strategic partnerships with key partners that resulted in serious software offerings.


Document Imaging with Nuance

Samsung provides three software packages that provide document imaging solutions through the company’s partnership with Nuance Communications.

The strategic partnership with Nuance enables Samsung to sell and distribute document imaging solutions, including:

  • Equitrac: a print management software solution that allows businesses to print documents regardless of their physical location through a pull-printing system.
  • AutoStore: an electronic document capture solution that automatically recognizes and stores various types of user documents and information captured from multifunction printers (MFP), smartphones, copiers and scanners.
  • SafeCom: helps consolidate and standardize different types of printing jobs without installing additional print drivers.


Improved Security with Ubiquitech

Samsung’s enhanced partnership with Ubiquitech brings improved print and document security into the business world. This security solution adds a user-authentication layer, ensuring that only registered personnel can access the system and further, documents can only be shared with authorized employees as well. This helps to ensure a company’s confidential information stays private.

Moreover, all jobs done via Ubiquitech solutions are accurately tracked and registered for monitoring later. To further enhance enterprise versatility, these solutions run on Windows, IBM Power and IBM System Z, which allows for seamless integration of Samsung printers into a company’s existing IT infrastructure.


3. Cloud-based Solutions

Today’s SMBs and their workers are increasingly incorporating mobility into their everyday work lives, which can add additional challenges for a company’s IT manager. Perhaps your company has several employees who regularly work remotely from home or from offices outside HQ. Perhaps your company is growing and now has offices in several locations, separated by time and space.

Situations like these can make an IT admin’s job very challenging, as monitoring servers, networks, and various security protocols become a more difficult task.

Below is our most powerful cloud-based solution to date.


Print Fleet Management

0821_Samsung Printing Offers Software Solutions Businesses Need

Samsung’s Fleet Admin Pro puts IT admins in the driver’s seat of their company’s fleet management. Through this solution, setting up new devices and updating device settings, monitoring your print fleet’s status, and collecting usage data, become a cost-effective and stress-free job.

Through this solution, your company’s IT admin is given a powerful tool to optimize fleet management and oversight, and all of this can be controlled from a single, remote location.


Complete Hardware and Software Solutions for Your Business

Samsung printers offer best-in-class hardware solutions that are reinforced by our industry-leading software solutions. Together, they combine to offer enterprise solutions for nearly any business demand.

Is your company’s print network as optimized as it could be?