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Pioneering Business Mobility Through Innovation: Samsung Is Here to Help

900x595_Pioneering-Business-Mobility_v1Modern small- and medium-sized business (SMB) workers have become proactive multitaskers. As such, they can no longer afford to be deskbound all day long. As mobile technology advances, today’s businesspeople realize that they can use phones and tablets to stay flexible, boosting their connectivity and productivity at every step.

Igor Glubochansky, an executive director at AT&T, recently told Business News Daily, “Mobile technology is changing the way SMBs operate. The right mobility solutions can improve employee productivity and reach new customers.”

Some feel that office techwnology has dragged its feet in this respect – although their phones and tablets let them stay on the move, devices like printers have fallen behind.

That is where companies like Samsung Printing Solutions come in. Samsung long ago realized that mobile printing would become vital to SMBs, which is why it has relentlessly pursued business mobility innovation. Done right, mobile printing can make document management both flexible and effective – just what your company needs in 2017.


Certified Mobile Printing Solutions

Glubochansky notes, “Employees’ needs evolve rapidly. Businesses require flexibility to upgrade when they want to.” Reasons like these are why Samsung has sought to attain wide-ranging certification for its powerful mobile printing tool, the Samsung Print Service.

Pioneering Business Mobility Through Innovation: Samsung Is Here to Help

In January, the tool was granted official Mopria MPL (Mobile Printing Library) certification. The Mopria Alliance sets industry-wide standards for mobile printing.

The tool comes pre-installed on Galaxy S4 and subsequent devices, and is compatible with all Android devices running the KitKat OS or above. Its January achievement marks the first instance that a company has received such a comprehensive breadth of mobile printing certifications from the likes of Mopria, Apple and Windows®, as well as cloud printing providers like Google (which operates Cloud Print).

This effectively means that users with the Samsung Print Service can access mobile printing regardless of their printer brand. In fact, they can even do this without having to install additional software or take additional steps to set up a printer connection.

What is more, Samsung is currently working on incorporating device-agnostic scanning and cloud functionality to the Samsung Print Service – so watch this space for further developments.


The Smart UX Goes Mobile

In addition to the tool, the Smart UX Mobile smartphone app lets users operate Samsung multi-function printers – and even conventional 2-line or 4-line LCD devices – from their Android mobile devices. And with an iOS version also in the pipelines, yet more users will soon be able to enjoy mobile operation options for their printers.


The Smart UX Mobile also lets you use your phone’s hardware functionality to upgrade conventional printer functionality. With just your tablet or smartphone’s camera, you can now scan, even on printers that are not equipped with scanning hardware.

With the ever-handy Dynamic Workflow Mobile app, incorporated with Smart UX Mobile downloads, you can also build your own customized processes. This means you can now use your mobile phone or tablet to combine and automate tasks, including: printing, scanning, optical character recognition, image editing/splitting and faxing, simplifying repetitive jobs. All in all, that spells a massive boon for business efficiency.


Software Matters


With a range of diverse, downloadable software solutions, Samsung also lets you add yet more, customizable business mobility to your arsenal.

The forthcoming Smart Security Manager app, for example, provides both usability and security in real-time. You can strengthen the main security functions of your printer with a simple touch of your screen. One-click easy settings allows you to set up security measures such as hiding job names in the queue, automatically deleting temporary files after the tasks complete, automatically deleting folder file caches seven days after job completion, with one click one the Smart UX.

A function of the app called Run-time Detection checks your device for potential security breaches, offering you comprehensive, multi-layered protection – for increased security on the go.


Revolutionary Change

Businesses have spoken – they want mobility, and they want it now. They say that a workforce that comprises static, desk-bound employees is not only immobile, it is inflexible and outdated.

For SMBs that are serious about joining the mobile revolution, mobile printing is now no longer an option. It has become an enterprise necessity. And that is why Samsung has committed itself to continued innovation in this essential field of modern business.

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