Printing Solutions Tailored to Professionals_v1Despite some claiming that ‘everything is becoming digital’, paper and printing is still pervasive throughout the business world. And recently, printed documents have experienced somewhat of a renaissance in offices the world over.

According to one report in Biz Community, workers are printing up to 36 pages per day on average, with the most commonly printed documents being text-heavy invoices and letters. And there is good science showing that reading from print-based sources induces higher levels of understanding and learning versus electronic or computer based consumption. While reading on digital devices, workers often complain of increased stress levels including eye-fatigue, as well as irritation from ‘haptic dissonance’, as reading electronically cannot reproduce the feeling of physically turning a page.

Given this information, the popularity of print is increasing, and businesses therefore need to be sure their print networks are equipped with the right devices to ensure their workforces have the tools they need to work efficiently.

Let’s take a look at a few tips on how to best utilize business solutions available on Samsung Printers today.


Built for Speed

Today’s work schedules are often demanding and very time sensitive; time is of the essence! Samsung printers and customizable apps are built with this in mind. We make products and services that ensure workers can get their tasks done quickly, saving time and boosting productivity.

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Samsung’s MultiXpress 7 (MX7) Series boasts lightning-fast dual-scan speeds of 240 ipm. In addition to these industry leading scanning speeds, the MX7 Series printers also print at speeds of up to 60 pages per minute, including anti-jamming technology to ensure your work gets printed the first time.

Device accuracy and speed is undoubtedly important, but so too is a user’s ability to efficiently interface with the device itself. But not to worry, Samsung has the answer.


A Smarter Way to Print

Today’s connected offices are rapidly changing, and require the right tools that enable business to keep pace. Samsung’s Smart UX platform, released in 2014, changed the way we think about printing, and transformed printers into the hub of today’s connected, smart offices. With an entire range of downloadable apps powered by Android, your office will learn how to leverage the powerful apps in no time.

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Now with nearly 40 different apps available to users, printing has never been easier. For example, Dynamic Worlflow boosts productivity by allowing employees to create and customize workflows, and incorporates additional functionality from other apps. Therefore, several tasks can be integrated into a single workflow, including scanning, optical character recognition and document distribution – all from a single app.

A connected print network offers speed and convenience advantages, however, if not properly secured it can pose certain risks to your firm’s sensitive information. That’s why Samsung takes device and network security seriously, and offers a host of solutions to ensure your data remains protected.


Reliable Security

Most companies are cutting cords and moving increasing levels of information into the cloud. This leaves companies with the task of ensuring proper security protocols are in place to secure their digital data.


Printing tasks from the cloud can be done safely by utilizing Samsung’s Cloud Connector Core; this solution offers secure authentication and authorization for your Google Drive online storage service, with OAuth 2.0 protocol protection meaning your IT managers can sleep easier at night.

Additionally, companies need ways to ensure that the intended person is accessing the print network as well as the ability to record this access. Samsung’s Printing Security Core allows for secure pull-printing and user authentication, offering protection your print network. This system ensure that documents are only released to verified users, thus improving document security in your office. Moreover, Secure Login Core protects business from unauthorized access to documents through a variety of verification methods, including: ID Cards, passwords, proximity cards and personal ID numbers.


The Solutions Are There

Samsung’s printing solutions make printing faster, easier and safer. The wide-ranging tools available to businesses bring intuitive solutions that streamline workflow and improve productivity. This article only begins to scratch the surface of the many solutions available to your company so stay tuned to this blog to discover additional ways to improve your company’s printing network.