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Providing Your Business’s Frontline with the Best Tools Available

161025_Providing Your Business’s Frontline with the Best Tools AvailableIf a business organization is to operate smoothly it requires a special task force that provides a link between its various departments, ensuring effective daily communication and information distribution. Considered to be at the forefront of any organization, an office’s administration department hold the keys to workplace productivity and efficiency. Without effective administration, most organizations cannot operate to their maximum potential.

At its core, office management is about controlling staff, systems, machines and materials, with the aim of providing the best possible results at the highest possible quality. However, modern managers also must deal with the bottom line – ensuring that their companies spend their money effectively and economically. Office administrators therefore constantly need to deal with issues pertaining to planning, budgeting and management.

Administrators now have a developing need for improved print and document management, which in turn has contributed to the innovation and development of Samsung’s lineup of multi-function printers (MFPs) and printing solutions.

Together with Samsung’s integrated printing solutions and technology, admins in a range of industries can lead their organizations more effectively, making decisions that result in growth and new opportunities.


The Challenges of Modern Office Administration

Admins need to enhance staff members’ ability to manage and organize operations effectively and professionally – and require state-of-the-art printing and document management solutions in order to make this happen.

When it comes to printing resources, it is easy to see that printing, if not properly managed, may often incur unnecessary costs.


For enterprises of all sizes, printing can often be expensive. Intuitive output management solutions from Samsung’s Business Core 2.0 suite of five modular solutions means admins can manage document output efficiently and economically. This updated suite provides you with extended compatibility, lower installation and maintenance costs, reduced printing costs and improved printing practice monitoring.

Business Core 2.0’s also allows you to track and control your company’s documentation. With improved security and cloud connectivity, it helps office admins stay up-to-date, providing an improved and modernized workflow.

And as more businesses digitize their operations, document management is changing – moving away from the file cabinet and into the cloud.


With Samsung’s Cloud Connector Core solution, users can directly locate, scan to and print from the cloud. Cloud Connector also supports a variety of cloud services, including Google Drive and Microsoft SharePoint Online.

For office admins, often tasked with quickly locating and delivering archived files, having information readily available for print from the cloud helps free up valuable time.


At the Business Operations’ Frontline

In any industry, office and business administration departments are typically at the forefront of major operations. Office admins are go-to liaisons between departments, and act as an organization’s information hub. Employees and executives alike need their help, and the responsibility can often be very great indeed.

As technology continues to move business operations toward further digitization, it is imperative that all departments stay up-to-date and synchronized. Admin departments, like many others, are integrating bring your own device (BYOD) policies, and allowing the use of mobile devices in the workplace.


Samsung’s Smart UX Center, with its Android-based 10.1-inch touchscreen, offers users a similar experience to that of a tablet PC. It also comes replete with access to the ever-expanding Printing App Center and its selection of downloadable apps and widgets.

“Since its debut in 2014, Samsung’s Smart UX Center has been creating changes in offices around the globe – designing a hassle-free printing environment through printing task digitalization,” says David SW Song, Senior Vice President, Printing Solutions Business at Samsung Electronics. “As an industry leader in office innovation, Samsung continues to develop high-technology, user-friendly printing goods and services.”


Toward Success in 2017

As the year begins to close, many organizations are now looking ahead to 2017, developing their goals for the year ahead. Many are now placing a primary focus on improving internal operations and providing vital office admins with the tools they need in the hope that moves like this will help secure growth.

And as the journey into 2017 starts, Samsung’s powerful technology is at hand, ready to help businesses truly empower their admins.

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