Real-time Solutions to Speed up Your BusinessAs business becomes increasingly competitive, company owners simply do not have time to wait for office tech to respond to their fast-changing requirements. Instead, workers need solutions that provide them with services right now – in real-time.

Fortunately, many Samsung Printing’s solutions provide real-time answers to real-world problems, enhancing office productivity and keeping you up-to-speed.

Here are six ways Samsung Printing users can start using real-time solutions now, stepping up their speed and boosting their efficiency.



Which of your employees prints the most? If you are setting up a new branch, do you know which department will need the most printers? Sadly, many business owners do not know the answers to these fairly basic questions. This can create a worrying knowledge gap – meaning your resources get misused or simply go to waste.

Real-time Solutions to Speed up Your Business

With the Usage Tracker Core, part of the recently updated Business Core 2.5 suite of business solutions, you can audit your printing network in real-time. The Usage Tracker Core lets business owners see real-time counts of the number of prints, copies, scans and faxes that each device and user chalks up. The solution even shows you the costs each device, user and department (or other selected group of users) incurs, letting you make smarter, faster and better-informed business choices.



Troubleshooting can be expensive and time-consuming. In many instances, IT admins have to call or email service providers who can rarely solve your problems right away. Meanwhile, in the office, malfunctioning printers can cause costly bottlenecks.

Real-time Solutions to Speed up Your Business

But RemoteCall and RemoteView, two Smart UX apps available for many Samsung multi-function printers, let your printing service provider remotely access your printers, so that they can make on-the-spot diagnoses. Your service providers can thus give you and your staff timely troubleshooting advice.

And because service providers can discover what problems your printer is experiencing before they set off for your office, they can tool up with the right parts or consumables beforehand. With Remotecall and RemoteView, you can enjoy faster and more effective service.


Real-time…File Sharing

The internet has sped up business no end, allowing for instant communication and file sharing. ut in some areas of modern office life, certain systems (like documentation) are still playing catch-up. While digital files can be sent in the blink of an eye, the same cannot always be said for paper documents.

Real-time Solutions to Speed up Your Business

Not so with SendAnywhere for Printer, another app available for the Smart UX Center. This versatile tool lets you scan and send your documents to all sorts of devices, including mobiles and tablets. And instead of having to use cloud storage solutions, SendAnywhere for Printer lets you share files in real-time using a P2P network. Files you send with this app are secure, too. Each file is protected by a one-time six-digit key that expires immediately after usage. Transferring scans has never been this easy – or fast.


Real-time…Document Management

Many businesses need to use document management solutions in order to step up their data operations, and enable more real-time functionality. The good news is that many of Samsung’s range of multi-function printers are Android-powered and open in nature, meaning they can be used in conjunction with a whole host of ISV solutions. Examples include Scanshare, which lets companies apply real-time, web-based verification, validation, approval and correction to their metadata.

With Samsung’s customizable printing hardware, you can unleash real-time solutions not only from Samsung’s solution partners, but also ISV developers – creating a network that responds just as fast as you need it to.


Real-time…Support for Developers

Samsung’s Printing App Center 2.0 revamp also allows developers to up their speed. The center is a marketplace for app and widget downloads for the Android-powered Smart UX Center, and provides assistance for anyone developing software with the Samsung Printing’s software development kit (SDK).

Real-time Solutions to Speed up Your Business

The revamp has seen the addition of real-time chat functions and forums, meaning developers can reach out not only to Samsung engineers for assistance, but also get in touch with customers and fellow third-party developers when they need instantaneous pointers.

With all these real-time solutions and more, Samsung Printing helps ensure that your company stays on the fast-lane to enterprise success.