Reduce-Office-Energy-Costs-Amid-the-Summer-Heat-with-Sleep-Mode_v1With summer well under way, many businesses are looking to beat the heat – and avoid skyrocketing office expenses – by initiating office-wide energy reduction strategies. Besides choosing green facilities like offices and furnishings or encouraging more eco-friendly habits amongst their employees, one other way companies can reduce their environmental footprint is by taking a closer look at the type of equipment and technology used by employees, particularly equipment that remains on all the time – like office printers.


Sleep Mode Puts Energy Consumption to Rest

The printer might not be the first thing that comes to mind when looking to slash energy bills. However, Samsung printers lead the industry in low-power consumption, with an advanced sleep mode that utilizes the central processing unit’s (CPU) internal memory instead of the more power-intensive external memory. This way, the CPU can continue to perform, even while the external memory is powered down.

Previously, printers have used external memory for all operations, requiring the main system to remain powered on even in sleep modes.

To further maximize energy savings, Samsung printers automatically switch to sleep mode when there are no tasks in queue, and remain in that state until a new task is sent through. This method of operation significantly reduces electrical power consumption and prevents the printer from unnecessarily overworking – ultimately resulting in lower monthly expenses and total cost of ownership (TCO).


The Science Behind Sleep Mode


To be able to offer printers that are not only powerful during full operation, but also the most efficient while waiting for the next task to arrive, Samsung’s team of engineers developed their own Low-Electrical Power SoC (system on a chip). When the printer is in normal operation mode, its main core is used to support all functions like printing, scanning, copying and faxing. However, when the printer enters sleep mode, the main core is turned off, and operations switch to the low power subcore – which houses the minimum amount of software needed to keep the printer running. Together with internal SRAM (static random-access memory), they decrease the amount of electricity needed to power the printer.


Every Kilowatt Counts


Samsung Printing’s industry-leading sleep mode and energy reduction technology can reduce each printer’s CO2 emissions by 23.4 kilograms per year. Samsung first incorporated this groundbreaking eco tech into its ML-295x series printers. When factoring in every Samsung ML-295x printer with low emissions and advanced sleep mode technology already in use, this totals more than 10,000 tons of CO2 reduced annually – which equates to planting 3,187,788 trees.** However, this technology is now applied to almost all of Samsung’s printer series, meaning that a little more sleep on the part of your printer can have some very big results indeed.

Don’t wait to take the initiative in lowering your monthly office expenses and energy footprint, especially during the peak summer season. Discover the many ways Samsung Printers can help any business spend less on annual energy costs.


** Annual Co2 Emissions = Annual Power Consumption x 0.424

** Tree replacement data = 301 trees per ton of Co2