v1According to the US Small Business Administration, most businesses experience a summer slowdown due to reduced workloads and their employees & clients taking vacations. However, a company’s sensitive information needs protection 24/7, 365. This means there is no downtime for IT professionals, no matter what the season is.

Even though many of us are planning our great summer escapes, the need for IT specialists remains strong throughout the summer months. And this makes sense; many businesses make network and system improvements during their slower months.

But what about the IT managers in charge of your company’s print network? Does this mean they’re unable to enjoy a vacation away from the office like other employees? With Samsung Printers’ array of remote offerings and the unique Smart UX Center, the answer is no!

Samsung Printers offer a number of remote security solutions, in addition to other robust network and device security options, which allow IT managers to enjoy their summer holidays while also giving them the flexibility to monitor and handle emergencies remotely, should they happen to arise.


Flexible Control with RemoteView


Increasing the ease and flexibility with which your IT admins can handle troubleshooting requests and network security issues is paramount to ensuring your company’s bottom line isn’t hampered by slow, cumbersome responses. That’s why Samsung Printers utilize the latest in mobile technology, putting IT admins in the driver’s seat.

The new RemoteView app is an advanced, cloud-based app built for IT admins and printing customer service providers, allowing them to provide service to multi-function printers (MFPs) remotely. With this app, your company’s MFPs can be controlled remotely via any PC or web-based platform, but most importantly from their smart phone (or tablet), allowing for live troubleshooting, diagnosis of and fixing of problems with unprecedented mobility.

With additional options that include live-view functionality of multiple devices, group configuration and remote software updates, RemoteView is a powerful tool for any IT professional on the move.


Pro-level Management


To ensure that your print fleet management meets the demanding needs of enterprises, Samsung Printing has developed Fleet Admin Pro. Fleet Admin Pro’s Site Manager feature is a cost-effective and seamless way to monitor your company’s printing infrastructure, no matter where your IT admin is physically located.

With the ability to manage up to 5, 000 devices at once from a PC or mobile dashboard, IT admins can stay up to date with unresolved errors, receive device status updates and even view toner status of network printers.

IT admins can also create preset alerts to receive notifications of important errors, further increasing speed and convenience, and all data is displayed in handy images and intuitive graphs.


Advanced Security Framework


As office IT admins know well, managing changes to permissions and other security functions is a key tool in ensuring the robustness of any print network.

That’s why Samsung Printing has developed its multi-layered Samsung Security Framework, which contains a whole range of useful information for IT admins, including ID and job details, operations details, and audit logs of changes to permissions and security functions.

The system also ensures that key information such as logs, mailboxes and address books, can be recovered in case of a major malfunction. Moreover, IT admins can rest assured that they are able to stay up to date, even while away on vacation, with handy email notifications from MFPs that detect key issues requiring swift attention.


Better Security, Always

Samsung printers offer a wide-range of mobile access, monitoring and alert tools to ensure that your company’s print network remains safe and functioning at its optimal level – even when your IT admin is catching up on some much-needed rest and relaxation.