Samsung Electronics Advances into Self-Service Payment Printing Market with New “Smart Printing Kiosk” Offering

Samsung Electronics Italy unveiled its Smart Printing Kiosk, which supports self-service payments for printing, copying and scanning on Samsung multi-functional printers (MFPs).

The newly-featured Smart Printing Kiosk offering consists of a paid app available exclusively on Samsung’s Smart UX Center and a payment solution created by partner company SKUARIO. Having the MFPs connected to an unmanned payment device, the Smart Printing Kiosk offering provides copy, print and scan functions and supports for printing from PC and USB. Additionally, it supports scanning to PC and USB.

“With SKUARIO, our cloud based management and global payment platform, we’ve developed a unique solution for the unattended self-service machines market,” said Arnold Cornelis, Company & Commercial Director of SKUARIO. “We are very proud to work with Samsung Printing Solutions, offering a perfect combined solution to their customers.”

“The Smart Printing Kiosk is one of many applications and offerings that Samsung has developed to create a more accessible and smarter printing environment for all print users,” said ㅡGiusi Garrano, Head of the Printing Division at Samsung Electronics Italy. “Samsung will continue to develop printing software and devices to boost our customers’ work efficiency.”

The self-service payment offering is easy to install and maintain, since it is an integrated payment solution which only requires the app to be downloaded from the Printing App Center ( and combined with an optional hardware device such as a card reader or cash machine. The Smart Printing Kiosk offering helps save hardware and maintenance costs by directly connecting the MFP device to an unmanned payment kiosk, so it can operate automatically 24 hours a day. Total cost of operation is thus lowered compared to using conventional self-service payment solutions, where extra hardware installation and maintenance are often needed.

The Smart Printing Kiosk will be particularly beneficial to users, organizations and businesses in public locations. With installation of an optional mobile solution, pull-printing and sharing without server function can be added to enhance security and user convenience.

The Smart Printing Kiosk solution supports multiple payment methods, ranging from cash, debit or credit card to mobile and online payment systems. The payment options are supported by SKUARIO, Samsung’s software development partner, which specializes in creating payment and registration solutions. The payment solutions developed by SKUARIO are cloud-based platforms connected to special management systems, allowing users to easily check their charging and billing information and enjoy more flexibility in their printing tasks.