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Smart UX Mobile: Your Conventional Printer Just Got a Whole Lot Smarter

900x595_smartuxcenterThe Smart UX Center has revolutionized the way many people use their printers. It is a tablet PC-like, Android-based interface that comes with a range of Samsung’s multi-function printers (MFPs), and allows users to customize their printing experience with a range of downloadable apps and widgets. That is all very well, but what if you have a printer that does not come with the Smart UX Center?Samsung now has the answer, in the form of the Smart UX Mobile. This recently released smartphone app allows you to enjoy much of the functionality of the Smart UX Center on lower-cost conventional printers – using your phone.

The Android version was released in November, and with an iOS version in the pipelines, your business will soon be able to enjoy an improved office experience and seamless workflows – without the need to buy additional hardware.


Increased Convenience

Samsung’s Smart UX Center has shaken up the printing industry since its introduction in 2014, allowing printers to become hubs of the smart office, with powerful, customizable apps.

The world of business is moving fast toward a mobile-friendly era, with smartphones and tablet PCs now used for professional tasks. The time has now come for software that allows phones, tablets and conventional printers to go beyond mobile printing – becoming part of the Smart UX Center environment.


The Smart UX Mobile does precisely that. The Smart UX Mobile adds smart functionality and vastly improved productivity to conventional printers – all through your smartphone. It lets you access a new level of convenience and functionality on your 2-line or 4-line device, without spending a cent on new hardware.


How Does the Smart UX Mobile Work?

The Smart UX Mobile provides widgets that enable users to log in to printing device and manage basic copy, scan and fax functions, as well as check on their toner levels. So even if you have a 2-line or 4-line device, you can enjoy the convenience of controlling your printer from your smartphone’s graphic UI.

The Smart UX Mobile also allows you to integrate your phone’s hardware to revolutionize your conventional printer’s functionality. For instance, it lets you scan on even on printers that do not feature scanning functionality – using your smartphone’s camera in place of scanning hardware. Other mobile phone technology, such as voice commands, can also be used to control your printing device and expand its functionality.

What is more, Smart UX Mobile also incorporates the mobile version of Dynamic Workflow, previously only available on Samsung MFPs. Dynamic Workflow Mobile allows you to do even more with your prints – and your phone. You can use the software solution to link to handy business apps such as Salesforce or Kakaotalk or customize your workflow to meet your own unique enterprise needs.

Products compatible with the Smart UX Mobile include M458x, M4370, M5370, MX3 series, K2200, M4070, M4080 and C3060 series. Users of the MX4 and 7 series can also download the app and use it to operate their MFPs from their mobile devices.

You can download the apps here: Smart UX Mobile and Dynamic Workflow Mobile:

Dynamic Workflow Mobile:


Expanded Usability


The idea behind the Smart UX Mobile is to allow users a range of ways to use the Smart UX Center. The Smart UX Mobile represents a new era for the Smart UX, allowing users to transform conventional printers into smart office devices.

Moving forward, Samsung intends to continue expanding the coverage of the Smart UX Mobile through more mobile software innovations. Keen developers will be pleased to hear that the Mobile Print Software Development Kit (SDK) is also available, allowing for yet more device expansion options.

Printing App Center 2.0 is set to launch later this year with new apps and plans to recruit developers. Kasey Kim, Samsung Printing Solutions’ Head of R&D said, “The smart UX Center is continuing to evolve. With the opening of Printing App Center 2.0 and the release of Smart UX Mobile, it is becoming even more convenient and innovative.”


More Enterprise Functionality

Samsung sees the Smart UX Mobile as merely the start of a whole new era for the smart office, granting a large range of functionality to an even larger range of conventional printing devices.

Further developments are already planned for the near future. These include plans to introduce pull printing to the 2-Line and 4-Line LCD printer environment. Samsung will enable this by using the NFC function of Samsung printers and smartphone fingerprint scanners. Users can pull their jobs from the server using smartphone fingerprint authentication and tap the printers to designate a device for the job. There will be no need to install additional card readers or carry ID cards for authentication.

Other plans for future development include an iOS version, the ability to use the Smart UX Mobile in conjunction with Mobile Device Management (MDM) software and more. Such developments will allow enterprise users to enjoy secure compatibility with their existing systems.

In the future, even printers that do not run the Business Core suite will be able to make use of many of the cores’ key functions through Samsung Smart UX Mobile.


Smarter Future

Samsung’s vision of the printer in the future is as a device that operates in total harmony with mobile devices. And with powerful software solutions, conventional devices can also instantly develop smart capacities.

Keep an eye out for more developments to the Smart UX ecosystem coming soon. In the near future, you may even be able to control and add functionality to your conventional desktop printer – using your mobile phone!

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