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Start Your Office Spring Cleaning Right Now – with Samsung

0303_Start Your Office Spring Cleaning Right Now – with SamsungAlthough winter is not yet over for most people, it is never too early for a thorough Spring cleaning session. Purging your workspace of unwanted clutter can help boost efficiency and ensure everything you need to do good business is always at hand.

Effective Spring cleaning requires a printing solutions provider that puts your business needs first. This helps you reduce the office clutter caused by overflowing filing cabinets that take up valuable office space, overcrowded offices and desks full of old printouts.

With revolutionary printer technology, digital document management and world-class software, Samsung has a whole range of solutions that will help you conquer the clutter as your company heads into Spring.


Clear out the Printer Tray

If your printers’ out trays are perpetually full of forgotten or duplicate print tasks that often stay there for days on end, now is the time to do something about it. The Printing Security Core, part of the comprehensive Business Core 2.0 suite of enterprise solutions, can provide assistance.



The solution helps reduce user errors, such as occasions when staff members accidently send their copies to the wrong printer. Printer Security Core requires users to provide a valid ID card for authentication before the printer releases the document.

In addition to keeping your office in order, the Printer Security Core also has security benefits. By only releasing print tasks to authorized users, it helps your company protect itself against the leakage of confidential information. After all, unattended printouts can often contain very sensitive data.


Ditch the Analog Filing Cabinets

Thinking of ditching the filing cabinets that are taking up so much precious space in your office? Believe it or not, the best way to go digital with your data is to make effective use of your printing solutions.

Document management is a lot easier with devices like Samsung’s MultiXpress 7 (MX7) series of multi-function printers. With these devices’ ultra-fast scanning properties, office admins can digitize and catalog important hard copies with improved speed and efficiency. The MX7, for example, is capable of scanning rates of up to 240 images per minute.

0303_Start Your Office Spring Cleaning Right Now – with SamsungThe MX7 can dual-scan up to 240 images per minute, which equates to four pages per second. With anti-jamming technology and mobile connectivity options, the MX7 also ensures digitizing your data is always quick and effective.

With advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology, you can even take your scanning to the next level, creating electronically editable, searchable files from hard copies.

Samsung’s software solutions can also be of help for repetitive scanning tasks. Dynamic Workflow, an app available for the Smart UX Center, lets you set up the document processing system to automatically complete customizable series of tasks – including scanning and OCR.


Reduce the Amount of Bodies in the Office

Requiring that your employees spend all day glued to their desks no longer makes good business sense. If you reduce the number of employees who need to be physically present in the office, that means everyone gets a bit more breathing space – and freedom.

0303_Start Your Office Spring Cleaning Right Now – with SamsungThe ability to go mobile is becoming essential in business. And a smaller amount of people in the office means you can keep your office tidy and uncluttered. That is why solutions like the Mobile Print app, available for both Android- and iOS-powered phones and tablets, can be of help to modern business owners.

The app lets users wirelessly print, scan and send fax documents to a large range of Samsung printers while they are on the go. Compatible with MS Office documents, PDF files, images emails and even pages from the web, your staff can now print what they need, when they want – without having to stay at the office all day to do so.


Get Started with Spring Cleaning Now

Cutting out paper waste, digitizing your documents and freeing up office space can all help you and your staff turn your workplace into a neat area where competence and adaptability reign. Effective printers with business-friendly software can help your office achieve this.

Even though Spring is still a few weeks away yet for most of us, it is never too early to get started – and help transform your office into a tidy hub of office efficacy.

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