The Office of the Future is Here: Is your Printer Ready?Picture the offices of the 1960s, before copying, faxing and printing became the norm. Perhaps you imagined dark wood, many individual private offices and a typewriter at every desk. In larger company offices that could afford the latest technology, there might have been a single photocopier. By contrast, offices today are often brightly lit and open-plan, with a computer for every employee. Very few offices would feel complete without a printer, scanner and fax machine.Office spaces have changed dramatically over the past few decades. As office structure and organization continue to transform, businesses need to ensure that their printers suit both their physical surroundings and the needs of their workers. Let’s take a look at how Samsung multi-function printers are prepared for future developments in design.


Office Real Estate is Shrinking

A boom in premium real estate prices and a rise in telecommuting have caused companies to rethink the size of their offices.

Businesses have been squeezed by the cost of renting offices in prime locations, with many choosing to downsize in favor of moving outside the city center. According to a survey conducted by the London Business School, over a third of executives, entrepreneurs and business academics surveyed believe that by 2020, over 50 percent of the workforce will be working remotely. With fewer people working in conventional office spaces and an increase in agile working and hot-desking, offices themselves are becoming smaller.

The Office of the Future is Here: Is your Printer Ready?

Samsung MFPs offer copying, faxing and printing capabilities and are available in a range of sizes to accommodate any office space, however big or small, thanks to their ergonomically efficient design. In January of this year, Samsung Printing’s C40 series was awarded the iF Design award for product design. In fact, the distinctive compact design of the full range of Samsung printers has helped them to scoop 20 iF Design awards in the past five years.


Offices Get Smart:

Technology is at the heart of most modern offices, and all devices are increasingly smarter and more connected thanks to developments in cloud technology. During each upgrade, offices must decide which pieces of equipment they need and which are in danger of becoming obsolete.

The Office of the Future is Here: Is your Printer Ready?

Samsung’s Smart UX Center makes the most of Samsung MFPs’ cloud and mobile capabilities. The customizable interface features a touchscreen panel and a wide selection of apps and widgets available for download. Scanning and printing can be performed wirelessly and remotely using apps such as Samsung Cloud Print and Samsung Mobile Print. Workers can move around the space freely, allowing for trouble-free hot-desking and remote printing from a smartphone.


Office Security Takes Center Stage

You wouldn’t forget to fit your office door with a lock, so why leave your devices unsecured? These days, hackers are turning their attention to printers and printer networks belonging to businesses, governments, and healthcare and educational institutions. Not only could a cyber attack compromise highly sensitive data, but the installation of malicious software such as ransomware could seriously damage productivity by disabling vital pieces of equipment for an indefinite period.

The Office of the Future is Here: Is your Printer Ready?

To protect the printing ecosystem, Samsung has developed five printing network security keys. These five layers secure users, data, networks, documents and management, and provide robust defense against hostile online hacks. In addition, admins can use one-click settings to install a secure IT environment and customize security profiles with the Smart Security Manager app.

Of course, data leaks can still occur the “old-fashioned way.” That is, by users forgetting about a document they have sent to the printer, leaving it in full view of everyone in the office. Fortunately, offices can install a variety of user authentication methods on their Samsung MFPs including ID badges, proximity cards, PIN number or passwords, ensuring that only the right user has access to sensitive documents.

Samsung MFPs are forward-thinking and ready for the future, with award-winning design, smart capabilities and strong protection. As the modern office continues to transform, Samsung facilitates a seamless transition into the office of the future.