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To Server or Not to Server: A Question for Your Office

To Server or Not to Server A Question for Your OfficeThe printer server has long been a necessary device in terms of managing offices’ printer networks. However in recent years, serverless printing has enjoyed grow prominence, as many offices opt instead for flexibility and decentralized networks.

Today, both server-based and serverless print networks have become real, practical business options. But what are the advantages of each solution? And, more importantly, what is the right choice for your office? Samsung Printing Solutions breaks it down for you.


Sophisticated Solutions

While print networks have grown much more flexible in recent years, many enterprises find it advantageous to keep their document management and printing solutions server-centered.

To Server or Not to Server A Question for Your Office

Typically, larger enterprises with heavy print loads and large printer fleets are usually most likely to opt for centralized server systems. Using a server lets IT administrators monitor and control a large, complicated network more easily. This can be particularly useful when, for instance, monitoring access control, permissions, security, controlling costs and managing print queues or jobs. It can also be of great help when it comes to managing drivers and software.

In addition, enterprises that want to use load balancing, failover and other sophisticated print management solutions often find using a server very helpful – and in many cases necessary. Going through a server also makes auditing systems simpler and more comprehensive, another important factor in ensuring cost savings.


The Flexibility of Serverless Printing

As today’s printers and MFPs grow ever more powerful and efficient, many offices are choosing to go serverless with their print networks. The growing popularity of cloud printing is yet another factor that has led many businesses to seek out server-free solutions.

To Server or Not to Server A Question for Your Office

Indeed, for many businesses, removing servers means removing potential stumbling blocks, and creating more robust systems. In addition, servers can put a heavy load on a wide area network (WAN), potentially slowing down key systems.

Security is also a major concern for the modern workplace. But today’s Samsung printers feature a range of end-to-end encryption and security solutions, such as the Samsung KNOX platform, and offer the security you need to protect your organization’s most important documents and data.

Going serverless can also save your business a lot of money, and not just on the cost of servers themselves. Without a server, there is no need to invest in OS licenses and software, server support, backup or maintenance.


The Smart UX Center: a Third Option

There is another solution available for offices that use Samsung’s MFPs: namely, using the Smart UX Center to monitor and control your printer fleet.

The Android-based UX system can handle more intensive tasks, such as print jobs management. That leaves servers free to focus on less-intensive tasks, such as storing data for user authentication and reporting purposes.

To Server or Not to Server A Question for Your Office

The Smart UX Center is also easily extendable, meaning you can set up additional printers and link them together with a minimum of complications. What is more, the center’s wide range of apps and widgets offers yet more system-related options.

Keeping your printer’s firmware up-to-date is also simple with the Smart Update app. That means you can be certain that your office’s printers are running the latest build on the Android-based Smart UX Center.

No matter which option you choose to go with, Samsung Printing Solutions can come every step of the way with you, helping your office to stay on track and ensuring your print operations are always running smoothly. Proven reliability, security and the multifaceted Smart UX Center all mean you can depend on Samsung – no matter what.

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