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Top Printing Software and Solutions for 2017

170117_Top Printing Software and Solutions for 2017The New Year is now upon us, and with most of the world now back at work, it is time to get the office into shape and prepare for the rigors of the year ahead. That means ensuring your printing networks and document management solutions are up-to-date and running at peak efficiency.

For Samsung customers, that means ensuring your software and printing solution choices are in sync with your business needs. In 2017, you will need solutions that can optimize your company’s cloud printing, office productivity and network management, as well as help improve servicing. Fortunately, Samsung Printing Solutions can be of assistance in every case.


Cloud Printing Done Right

As more aspects of office life go mobile, it is essential to have printing solutions that help you keep up with these changes. For example, powerful cloud printing solutions give your print networks added scalability and flexibility – as well as the ability to go serverless if required.

170117_Top Printing Software and Solutions for 2017

Samsung Printing Solutions has a range of useful options ideal for most companies’ cloud printing needs. Samsung Cloud Print, for instance, is Samsung’s free cloud printing app. It enables advanced, on-the-go printing from any device. Easy to set up and compatible with a variety of operating systems, Samsung Cloud Print can help your business in more ways than one.

For advanced cloud printing needs, Samsung affiliate PrinterOn offers a range of cloud solutions tailored to enterprises of all sizes. No matter which solution your company chooses, Samsung’s cloud printing services help your company stay mobile and flexible.


Optimizing Productivity

Business is happening at a faster pace than ever before, so it has never been more important to make sure your staff uses its time effectively. Creating customized workflows allows you to integrate tasks, including scanning, text editing and document distribution, into a single workflow – saving time and enhancing productivity. And this is where Samsung printing app Dynamic Workflow, available for the Smart UX Center, can be of help.

With this handy app, you can do more than just integrate straightforward printing and scanning processes. You can also set up a document processing system for your printer, which can then automatically complete tasks in the order you want them done.


Managing Savings and Security

Most sensible business managers will have resolved to cut back waste in 2017. And when it comes to printing, that means it is important to have a system in place that lets you track and audit your office’s print usage.

170117_Top Printing Software and Solutions for 2017

Fortunately, Samsung’s Business Core 2.0 has a suite of programs that lets your company monitor its print networks. Its Usage Tracker Core allows you to quickly and easily track output and compile data into reports. Meanwhile, in a boost to network security, Printer Security Core and Secure Login Core both offer tools that control access. These allow you to exercise more control over your networks and prevent costly security breaches.


Eliminating Inefficiency

If you really want to get more out of your printing fleet in 2017, you will want easy access to the best help around. Once again, Samsung Printing Solutions has an app that can help in this regard.

170117_Top Printing Software and Solutions for 2017

The Smart UX Center’s RemoteCall lets you get in contact with an agent at any time, right from your printer’s Smart UX Center interface. Agents can connect with your system remotely to diagnose and correct a whole range of issues. This means you can cut down on time- and money-sapping calls to engineers. With solutions like these, your office spends more time with online, functioning printers – a winning scenario.

Optimizing your office’s print and document management solutions should be every company’s number one New Year’s resolution. Samsung Printing Solutions has the apps you need to ensure your whole office can do more – and do it with ease and efficiency.

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