Turn Over a New Leaf: 3 Printing Resolutions for the New YearThe new year can signal the opportunity for a fresh start. As 2018 gets underway many of us will take the time to reflect on the past year and make promises to ourselves to do things differently. Businesses, too, will be looking to leap into the next 365 days with new targets and objectives, and many of them will turn their attention to their printers and their printing habits in order to increase productivity and efficiency.

To help businesses transform in the new year, here are three printing resolutions and the ways that your Samsung multifunction printer will keep them strong throughout 2018.


Cut Waste

Being eco-conscious doesn’t simply mean recycling more; there are plenty of other ways that companies can engage in green printing practices.

Turn Over a New Leaf: 3 Printing Resolutions for the New Year

Samsung’s MFPs are equipped with a one-touch eco-button. Once pressed, the printer will automatically print according to a set of options pre-determined by the user, which may include duplex printing, printing multiple pages on a single sheet of paper, or skipping blank pages in a document.

Furthermore, Usage Tracker Core gives companies the tools to self-audit their printing operations with data reports which can be set to be sent regularly via email. Usage Tracker core supplies real-time print, copy and scan costs and counts collected from devices which can help IT team make informed decisions about how to manage their environmental footprint.


Secure Your Network

With several major security scandals in 2017 – from ransomware to hacks – companies want to ensure security throughout their network now more than ever. For the upcoming year, security executives are focusing on the weak points not just in PCs, but also in printers.

To safeguard the IT network and infrastructure, Samsung’s Smart UX Center provides regular updates for all the latest apps and widgets, thus protecting businesses against potential vulnerabilities. Using Smart Update, the printer can automatically download and install the latest firmware, so that all-important update is not put off until tomorrow.

Turn Over a New Leaf: 3 Printing Resolutions for the New Year

Samsung MFPs are also protected by extensive data encryption and multiple layers of security. Software security solutions include the Smart Security Manager app, which provides administrators with a simple and clear security data interface, as well as the solutions Printing Security Core and Secure Login Core, key offerings in the Business Core printing solutions suite. With Printing Security and Secure Login Core, administrators are able to install user and data security solutions, requiring verified authentication – such as ID and password login – to access the device and release documents for print.


Work Smarter

Increasing productivity and streamlining workflow are at the heart of any revised business model. Performing printing audit and monitoring printing habits will help to iron out any creases, and allow the whole team to work at their most productive rate.

Turn Over a New Leaf: 3 Printing Resolutions for the New Year

Samsung’s MFPs make the transition from paper to digital easy, with intuitive Zone-OCR and barcode scanning using Document Workflow Core. The solution automates the process of repetitive digital document handling meaning that digitization is no longer a burden for companies.

With Dynamic Workflow, employees can create their own work flows, incorporating a whole range of tasks into a customized workflow. Using this app, users can drag and drop their selected workflows, and change options when they want to. The workflows are highly adaptable and effective at streamlining a specific set of requirements.


So, whether it’s cutting your carbon footprint, protecting the IT ecosystem, boosting productivity – or even all three – business can be sure that they will stick to their printer promises with Samsung Printing and make 2018 a truly Happy New Year.