900x595_Out-with-the-Old,-In-with-the-New-Office-Printer_v1Putting off that upgrade? It may sound surprising, but one of the easiest ways to cut costs may actually be through replacing your older but still functional MFP with a more advanced multifunction printer, especially one with cloud-based management solutions. The benefits will quickly add up.


Save on Energy and Material Costs

With the average employee using an estimated 10,000 sheets of paper per year, it is an absolute requirement that the office’s printer can handle heavy workloads efficiently and reliably. As we know, unscheduled downtime is a huge drag on organizational productivity, so it’s important to choose a printer that can handle high-use environments. The Samsung MX7 multifunction printer series has been tested to print more than a million pages (and likewise also scan another million) without needing service, making it an ideal partner for busy offices.


Energy costs are often another area of concern for organizations. Fortunately, Samsung’s award-winning MX7 series printers are recognized as industry leaders in energy efficiency. At peak usage, these multifunction printers consume only 1.3 kWh of power; in fact, according to the energy use calculator, if a business were to print with an MX7 printer at maximum consumption throughout an entire eight-hour work day, its total energy bill would be less than four hundred U.S. dollars per year.

Finally, material costs, particularly paper and toner, can also be burdensome for businesses with older office equipment. Standard color and monochrome toner cartridges for Samsung’s MX7 printers will produce 45,000 pages per cartridge (30,000 for color), reducing the number of replacements each month.


Simplify Digital Document Management

Relying on outdated methods of document management and filing with years of records, reports and other data – which take up both office space and work hours to continuously maintain – can have large financial implications for businesses of any size.


Samsung’s Smart UX Center has been designed to take the burden off administration and help bring companies into the age of digital document management. With cloud-based solutions, simple and fast document retrieval and the ability to send a document for printing anywhere in the world to a connected printer, businesses will immediately save time and money, as well as physical space.

The Samsung’s MX7 printers also encourages collaboration and growth within any industry. Employees can easily and seamlessly log in, scan and send documents to other offices or directly to their co-worker’s mobile device. Having information readily available at a moment’s notice keeps every employee up-to-date and ready to make that next big sale, partnership or customer retention campaign – opportunities an older office printer might not provide.


Protect Assets with Samsung Printer Security


With data security becoming an increasing concern, having a printer that is protected can reduce potential risks, which is priceless for any business. Samsung offers a secured printer network that helps prevent unauthorized access to confidential information, all based on a secure Android platform which allows administrators sole control over the installation and removal of applications and users. Services like pull printing also increase security while reducing excess output in the form of repeated printings as well as trips to the printer.


Putting It All Together

With state-of-the-art printer technology from Samsung, overall productivity is improved through the integration of digitized document management, cloud-based solutions, reduced network maintenance and high-grade security – all amounting to tremendous savings for any business. In addition, further cost savings will be achieved through energy efficiency and longer-lasting supplies like toner cartridges.

So while it may seem counterintuitive at first, upgrading to a Samsung MX7 multifunction printer now rather than later will create both immediate and lasting cost savings for your organization. And perhaps give your finance team some extra budget for end-year celebrations.