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Why Do We Print?

161107_Why Do We Print?Have you ever stopped for a moment in the office to ask yourself, “Why do I still need to print?” There are actually three core reasons for using printers at work. Namely: we print to edit, to read and to share. Although on the face of it these seem like relatively straightforward reasons, they are actually quite multifaceted.

With studies finding that the average office worker prints some 10,000 sheets a year, it is safe to say that printing is still an integral part of most businesses’ operations. And the deeper you look into the reasons why professionals print so much, the more you realize that printing is essential, even as more businesses continue to migrate toward digitized workflows.


Printing to Edit

161107_Why Do We Print?

After staring at a screen for hours on end, your eyes can end up playing tricks on you. Workers often complain that they lose concentration when asked to edit tasks on a computer screen, and say errors become more frequent when editing on a digital display. Printing documents out helps readers digest information better, and enables critical analysis during the crucial editing stage.

However, Samsung Printing Solutions realizes that printing wastefully can be costly, so has developed a solution that lets you make last-minute alterations at your printer.

Samsung Printing Solutions’ MX7 multifunction printers are equipped with the 10.1-inch intuitive Android-based tablet PC-like Smart UX Center. This UX allows users to edit documents directly before printing, often reducing paper and toner usage.

The Smart UX Center’s wide range of downloadable apps is also a boon for editing. The Hancom Office application, for example, allows users to view and edit MS Office documents and PDFs prior to printing.

Having the opportunity to review and make last-second changes to a document can speed up the total amount of time you spend editing, and can let you cut down on paper and toner usage.


Printing to Read

As businesses evolve further in the age of digitization, the idea of implementing so-called paperless offices is becoming alluring. While moving away from a reliance on print might seem attractive in theory, printing is still – and always will be – a necessity for almost every office.


One reason for this is that human brains react differently when reading information on a screen compared to the way they react when reading from paper. Science journalist Ferris Jabr explains, “Screens may drain more of our mental resources while we are reading, compared to paper, and make it a little harder to remember what we have read when we are done.”


Printing to Share

Data sharing among business colleagues and clients is vital for both collaboration and growth. Printing out handouts or presentation notes allows you to physically give your audience something to take away and later use as further reference.

Furthermore, researchers from Temple University’s Infant Laboratory and the Erikson Institute in Chicago say that even from an early age, humans interact with each other better when they are presented with printed materials. The researchers said that certain groups of people find it harder to communicate with each other when dealing with digitized on-screen data.


In a meeting, having printed copies of your presentation available literally forces everyone in attendance to stay on the same page. Digital alternatives, meanwhile, can often be distracting and result in team members losing focus on the task at hand.

What is more, the quality of printed materials is often just as important as the information itself. With Samsung Printing Solutions’ line of professional multifunction printers, businesses get industry-leading, ultra-high quality color print-outs every time.

Samsung Printing Solutions’ MX7 series features Rendering Engine for Clean Page (ReCP) technology, delivering users clear, high-quality output for both text and images. ReCP automatically sharpens the focus of both graphics and text, meaning your printed materials always stand out.


A New Era of Printing

These three reasons for printing are not new, but as offices continue to integrate digital operations, it is important to remain aware of the fact that in some cases printing is invaluable.

Samsung Printing Solutions’ printers lead the way in terms of convergent print technology and advanced digital workflows – helping smart businesses print smarter than ever.

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